28 October 2011

Finding Balance: Update Healthwise, Home

I am LOVING Momzoo's weekly schedule (having a specific focus in the home each day). Even though I have had to modify it slightly to fit my schedule and to play 'catch up' with household chores, I am getting more done and I am happier and feeling more balance in this area!

Regarding finding balance healthwise-I am eating less, trying to stop when I am full. Since I cannot use my treadmill here yet (that room is being used for storage right now), and since I do not want to go to a fitness center or walk along our road, I plan on using my sibling's recumbent bike and strength training equipment when I stay at their home twice weekly to watch dad while they are out of town. I did use it for about 10 minutes while over there earlier this week, but need to adjust it to my height:)

Progress on my other goals:

1. Ascertain the last date of labwork, bone scan, physical; take online health assessment (all regular screening done, 2004 + 2005; health assessment done).

2. Increase my steps to a minimum of 2,500 a day (see I told you my steps/day were BAD). If I remember correctly 2,000 steps=1 mile, but I will check on that. I'd like to see it at 5,000 steps but I can always work up to that and I don't want to set myself up for failure...baby steps, baby steps:) Research online programs for both weight loss and fitness through our health insurance (have not been tracking my steps since posting but will start that again soon. Have been researching online programs).

3. Increase the amount of vegetables and fruit I eat. Decrease the amount of sugar I am eating. Possibly eat more frequent, smaller meals as I have a problem with hypoglycemia and tend to go for the high carb foods when I feel hypoglycemic. Watch portion size (not much change in amount of veggies and fruit yet but have cut down on refined sugar and portion size. Need to increase consumption of water--as always).

4. Resist the urge to procrastinate. Be consistent! (trying).

Be blessed, Aimee

Photo: Oh does this room look different now---it will definitely be a major project for me to turn it into a craft/fitness room. Baby steps, baby steps...


Momzoo said...

I need to be more physically active too and have been mulling it over in my brain exactly how to get started. Maybe one of my weekly goals? hmmm....

aimee said...

I look forward to you writing about it once you have mulled it over:) I am SURE you will come up with something!
Be blessed,

Sassy said...

Aimee, I am going through the same thing. About two weeks ago I decided it was high time to go back to using a small plate again. I don't know where in time I started using a regular dinner plate. For years I used a smaller plate, cause I looooove food :)

Then, when I decide to take a big step and add exercise :O to my week, my back starts giving me problems. It's been a long time since my back has acted up, I blame it on spiritual warfare.

So as soom as my back gets back to felling better I WILL exercise, this is my prayer. I know exactly what I'm gonna do & it wont cost me a dime.

Blessings to you

aimee said...

Hi Sassy!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments!
Good for you on finding a solution for your portion control and exercise!!! I will join you in a prayer for your back pain to be healed so you can begin to exercise--I know how back pain can slow you down.
I know God wants His children to take care of their bodies and I LIKE your attitude that you "WILL" exercise--yea!!
Be blessed,

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