25 October 2011

Finding Balance: At Home

For awhile now, I have had the growing sense of being out of balance--

as if I had wondered off the path I should be on.

When I was working, outside the home, my day had more of a pattern, more of a rhythm to it.

I had a huge amount of responsibility and I knew,

almost unconsciously what had to be done,

how it had to be done

and when it had to be done.

I worked 4 days a week and had 3 off;

it was a great work schedule.

And I was grateful to my employers for allowing me to have it.

But I missed being home--

so finally, after much prayer and my DH's agreement,

I left my job.

It was the right decision and I don't regret it!

I LOVE being home--

I love being free to talk and text with family and friends

when there is a need or just a desire to.

But, on the other hand,

I also left behind my innate sense of discipline as regards to work,

and that has left me increasingly stressed and unhappy.

I hope that makes sense.

Despite the many challenges I have in my life right now,

I just cannot put it off any longer---
I need to regain a more disciplined life again--

at home, because that is my work now.

Yes, I can and will still have freedom to stop and chat,

photograph a pretty scene, travel, smell the roses, etc;

but I think, no I know,

I will appreciate these things even more if I develop more discipline at home.

And this is where fellow blogger, Momzoo (Aimee) comes in.

I have been following her for quite awhile now and have found,

over these years that

I appreciate her honesty and kindness,

the genuine love she has for her family and country,

her down to earth manner

and her willingness to share her God-given gifts of cooking

and other homemaking skills with others...

Recently she posted her weekly schedule

and it fit SO well with my life and was SO simple,

that I knew this was the answer I was seeking...

and I began to have some hope again in regards to taming my beast (this house).

So...I have begun to follow her schedule,

albeit with a few modifications

due to the challenges I am dealing with right now

(staying twice weekly at my sib's home,

when they are out of town,

to watch my elderly father;

dealing with our house issues;

some fear/anxiety over certain circumstances in my life right now;

playing catch up).

I hope that soon I will be living a more balanced and

a more disciplined life

at least as far as work is concerned:)

Next task: Finding balance health wise.

Blessings, Aimee

Note: I know I've already thanked you Aimee (momzoo) on your blog

but I truly am grateful for your transparency and honesty and want to do it again here :)

Photo: peaceful sunset at Neskowin.


Momzoo said...

I have been trying to think of what to say for the last few days... But since I can't think of anything profound I will just simply say "Beautiful, inspired, thanks, loves and prayers!"

aimee said...

You are TOO kind! The same back at ya:)
Be blessed,
PS: I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel in some places at home now. I just keep telling myself that everything does not have to be completed in one day...

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