27 August 2011

A Visit To Farmland

Recently, Lime (see her link in my bloglist) posted gorgeous photos of a Norwegian farm and it got me in the mood to make a trip to see some farm country. Sure enough, this week I had to run some errands in one of Oregon's farming areas....I was excited!!

It has been a tough year for farmers in the PNW. Our winter was very, very wet. Our spring was more like winter and, well, summer just arrived recently. Farmers are very busy right now harvesting some of the crops that are finally ready.

Speaking of busy farmers...on one country road we found the longest stack of straw bales I 've ever seen.

On another road, we found one field where no one was busy. This corn should be much taller by now--I hope next season will be a better one for our farmers and I hope our autumn is dry and warm enough for all the crops to ripen.

Of course, in farm country one sees a lot of animals and I LOVE farm animals:) BTW, I am still working on my hubby to get some goats...

but I would be OK with a horse too! Perhaps a beautiful Norwegian fjord horse or an Arabian like my sibling had for many years or??? Of course, we would need an arena and barn for that...it is not fun to ride in the rain.

Besides all the beautiful natural art, we passed some manmade artwork too! I LOVE the quilt blocks on this rural barn--so pretty! I also love the red of the barn!

Speaking of quilts-the countryside looks like one at this time of year! And look, look at the color of the dahlias! LOVE it:)

Such a pretty area--orchards, field crops, vineyards, trees, hills, mountain views, animals! I LOVE the countryside! Do you?

Wishing you a blessed Saturday~ Blessings, Aimee

Only a few more days to go!


♥ Helen said...

Your farm- and countryside-photos are beautiful.
btw Lime is my sister in law ;)

aimee said...

Hi, Helen!
Thank you so very much for your kind comments! I thought that you were related by marriage--that is awesome! You both have such sweet personalities and share an artistic flair for photography!
Blessings to you + your family,

by Teresa said...

Hi Aimee,

Wonderful photography of our gorgeous countryside. Looks a bit like where I live. There are flower gardens across the street, several Laotian families grow flowers and sell the bunches at the farmers markets. What is soon?
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Hi Teresa!
Thank you very much! It was the middle of the day so the lighting was a bear to deal with---so I am glad people are liking them:) Flower gardens across the street would be wonderful! I can not get enough of beautiful flowers, can you?
I am doing a spiritual retreat soon--that is what I am excited about:)
Still hoping to make it out your way this year---thinking of you!

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