01 June 2011

Here Ye, Here Ye! News From the Garden

Despite the cold and rain,

we have marionberry plants full of white blossoms

(makes me hungry for a berry pie or berry crisp

or berry smoothie or just fresh berries)!

Two varieties of Japanese irises blooming by the upper pond

(the other variety is bluish).

Every year it seems like we have more:)

Some of our roses are in bloom now--

our rose season tends to run from mid/late May through October.

We have one climbing rose, a bed of miniature roses

and some other roses.

I don't tend to buy flowers at the grocery store

because we tend to have something in bloom most of the year:)

More color in the wildflower/perennial beds

(today I spied a newly blooming orange/red Oriental poppy from across the yard--

you just cannot miss their vibrant color!

(I haven't transferred them yet but will later this week)

Raspberry blossoms--

the plants seem to be doing quite well still in their wine barrel home!

And unless there is a new variety of columbine (not!),

this edition of Our Garden sadly reports

that someone has been eating one of my columbines


Blessings on this first day of June, Aimee

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