30 May 2011

A Witness Now

Among the trees, flowering shrubs and manicured lawn they lay,

side by side,

each with their resting place marked

by a grave marker and American flag.

For this is a National Cemetery --

one of many and it is the final resting place for
Veterans of World War I and II, Korea, Vietnam and more recent conflicts.

Comrades in arms;

both those who have passed on full of years

and those who died while in the prime of their life.

The flags -- small and large --

wave in the breeze on the hillsides here;

so many lives--so many stories told and untold.

We come here-

children and other descendants, schoolmates, friends

and parents too.

Veterans and civilians,

some who have not forgotten the ferocity and cost of battle;

others who just feel the need to remember, to witness

this day-

the service and the sacrifice

of the precious souls at rest in this hallowed ground

above the city.

"You're his witness now.

Without a witness, they just disappear."

Blessings to the families of our fallen Veterans today.

May you find peace in the midst of your loss

and may you know we will remember.



Note: above quote taken from 'Taking Chance', HBO films, 2009. USA.

Photos taken spring 2011, Willamette National Cemetery.


Grandma Becky said...

I've been there many times on Patriot Guard missions...none lately though.
I know a few people buried there, two uncles and an aunt and a friend's wife.

aimee said...

I figured that you had! I want to go back there someday, when it is less crowded, to find a certain grave--not a family member or someone I even knew but one of the Soldiers lost a few years ago. I want to leave some flowers for him. I also want to see the Korea Monument there.

We have several Veterans in our extended family--one that died in WW2 but he isn't buried there.

I cannot say enough good things about the Patriot Guards---I've never seen them in person but their reputation is pure gold for what they do for our Vets and their families. TY for your service with them:)

I hope all your family/friends lived a long, full life. I am sorry for your loss. It is not easy to lose those you love--even when they are older.

PS: TY for you comment BTW:)

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