07 May 2011

Seashore Souvenirs

Some people bring back shells and some tee shirts,

some bring back kites

and some salt water taffy,

but I brought back...

a lemon scented geranium

(I only WISH I could share the fragrance with you all!)

Rainbow Swiss chard

(yum, Swiss chard!)

and my favorite purchase--

white alpine strawberries!!

I am SO excited!

All in all-it was one AWESOME trip

and I will be savoring the memories all summer long :)

Have you ever brought back plants from your travels?



Note: One of the first places my DH and I lived was a small, older house which had a whole lot of alpine strawberries planted in the side yard. It was there I learned to LOVE these tasty little morsels of sweetness! There is a lot of information on the web including photos should you be interested in trying some this year. Now I just need to decide where I will plant them...

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