23 May 2011

A Piece of My Past Comes Home

The Baby Book mom made for me talked about it--

I had received it as a gift on my second Christmas

and I remembered seeing it too off and on over the years...

but it wasn't at our home, so where was it?

Last weekend I made a trip to my parents' home to help my sibling.

As we sorted stuff in our parents' garage--

we found lots of things, but most importantly we found it!!
A little worse for the wear (just like me),

but still very capable of bringing a BIG smile

to this grown up girl with a child's heart-
who long ago left her parents' home to become a wife,

then a mother, and finally a grandmother.

And meanwhile, my beloved rocker stayed behind all those years waiting patiently,

for just the right time to become a gift to that child (me) again...

Thanks mom!


Do you have something from your childhood that makes you smile?

Blessings, Aimee

Photos: me at about age 3 sitting on the rocker

yea! we find the rocker tucked away in the garage

the rocker comes home from the trip--soon to have a bit of restorative surgery to treat its 'fracture' (LOL) and a bit of a spa treatment too to make it as good as new :)

Did I say it is a musical rocker?

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