24 May 2011

Another Memory

My sons attended a Christian school for many years when they were younger.
One of the special events that the school would have is a Grandparent's Day!
On that day each student could have their grandparents join them for awhile at school
(I had forgotten about this event but my son reminded me of it when I sent him a copy of his artwork by phone)
According to my son, this was made for that day which fell near Thanksgiving.

My mom kept this for all those years--her grandchildren were well loved by her and she prayed consistently for them all. I hope that as long as God gives me life, I will do the same.
Thank you mom for all the prayers over the years + blessings to all you praying grandparents out there!



Anonymous said...

Thinking and praying for you and your family. God's blessings. L.

aimee said...

Appreciate it! Both dad & DH are home and recovering well now:) I will have to let you know of the specific and miraculous answers to all the prayers next time we see each other!
Blessings your way,

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