25 April 2011

Home + Garden Plans 2011

Recently I made some plans for the garden and our home. I must confess that part of me was a bit fearful and hesitant of making goals, as so many things changed the last time I did this...however life goes on and planning/goals are important as long as you remember to leave room for flexibility + to prioritize:)

Garden Plans (in order of importance):

1) Extend planting bed and paths in Japanese-style garden. Redo edging. Add daffodils, more Irish moss by bench, etc. Goal: simplify mowing and solve edging problems; provide a 'drier' path for the wet season, maintenance.

2) Redo edging in transitional (mixed ornamental/edible garden beds). Goal: simplify mowing and solve edging problems --yea, done:)

3) Add 1-2 half barrels near the Gunnera plant for lavender (yum), mint and/or edibles like veggies. Goal: soften the look of that area while adding more color there.

4) Add more wildflowers, lavender or daffodils in second raised bed (we don't use these for edibles as they were built with (yuck) pressure treated wood. The decision to use the first one for wildflowers/perennials was a good one as it seems to have attracted more birds and butterflies:) Also, add a second soaker hose and seating. Goal: add more color, attract more wildlife with limited water use plants.

5) Main Garden: redo compost areas, level, add path under arbor and by caneberries. Possibly add a non pressure treated raised bed or two on south side of garden. Goal: make area more user friendly while still providing wildlife habitat, new edibles area??

6) Deck maintenance, clean, finish east rail + planter box. Possibly add free standing deck -- perhaps with a gazebo off north deck.

Home plans:

1) Each week pick a 'focus' room and thoroughly clean, organize, sort + discard as needed, decorate it. Plan of 'attack': master bathroom (about 1/2 done now), public areas (family, living, dining rooms + kitchen), bedrooms, other. Goal: learned the hard way to divide up the heavy duty stuff due to back and health issues--this way divides up the task more reasonably:) Get rid of unneeded, excess stuff. Simplify cleaning and maintenance tasks.

2) Continue with personal goals in terms of clothing decisions and other items.

Well there they are--I will add photos as goals are accomplished. It kind of goes without saying, but I am trying to be a good steward of our resources in terms of both land and money spent on these projects:) Wish me luck!

Does anyone else have garden + home plans for this spring + summer season?

Blessings, Aimee

Photo: our manmade waterfall/stream (not as big as the ones I saw this last week in God's garden, AKA the Columbia River Gorge. However, I LOVE the one my Farmer Boy made us--it makes me + our koi very, very happy:)


Momzoo said...

Usually this time of year I am full of plans and goals for my garden/yard. But no such plans this year :) unless you count, "simple and easy" as a plan.

aimee said...

You have the happiest plans of all:) In fact, when I think of them, it always makes me smile!!

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