12 February 2011

Life in the Garden: Early & Late February

One of the reasons I post photos of my garden on here is to keep track of the changes from year to year; it is much easier for me to check garden pictures on here then browse through a zillion photos on my hard drive.
I know that one of these days I am going to delete all the ones I really don't need;
one of these days:)
Since there are so many of them I'm going to keep writing to a minimum--
at least that's the plan.
Here goes--will you join me?

Not the clearest photo,
but I love the color.
This is one of the newest pieris.

This is our (or should I say God's 'forest on a tree' garden).
I love it!
Look at all the kinds of lichen and moss.
Amazing and really beautiful in the morning light,
per my best friend.
who was over here this week helping me.
See--I've already broken my own 'rule' of keeping words to a minimum.
You should meet me---
it is really frightening how much I talk.

Plum buds and another 'forest in a tree' garden.
I hope you notice that I am including a lot of the romantic colors...
after all we are SO close to that special day now.

More plum buds--two of ours are at this stage now.
The Shiro and Satsuma Blood.

Two of our earliest blueberries are looking like this as of late.
They are the earliblues--and I am very partial to them.

Irish Moss and camellia sasanqua petals.
I can't show you the whole path
or it will make me think very bad thoughts about the skunk whose life we spared.
Mister Tap-Toes at Night was NOT a good guest.
(of course we might be wrong--
it might have been a gopher--
but I'm thinking skunk from the shape of the many, many holes
that are all over the Japanese-style garden.

Our viburnum--Spring Bouquet.
These clusters will open to white flowers in spring,
hence the name -- :)

I belive this is one of the evergreen huckleberries--
just like last year it is confused and so are the lingonberries.
I am hoping the confusion is short lived because I really, really want loads of berries from all of these this year.

This was really hard to post---
I'm sure you can see why...
but behind the ugly but very wonderful landscape fabric--
which my plants adore--
are daffodils.
This type is a fancy kind.
Another photo of my beloved evergreen huckleberry--
Pacific NW native and friend to all berry loving Aimees.
Not shown but with buds opening or other changes--
daphne (heavenly smell)
praecox rhodo (I am hoping the flowers will hide all the 'burn' it has from our low temps.
I'm thinking next year we might try to give it some kind of cold/wind protection.
an unidentified plant with white flowers
(and a heavenly smell--not that I know what heaven smells like--but I am thinking really, really wonderful!)
Pussy willows are emerging--yea
and more...
Happy Valentine's Day soon!

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