05 October 2010

Early Autumn in a Pacific Northwest Garden

Before I continue with more coast pictures--
I feel compelled to post some photos taken in our garden.

Dogwood-these remind me a bit of rose hips,
but I don't know what they are.
Anyone know?

A miniature rhododendron that has started to bloom again--
I am quite happy with that:)

Not quite ripe concord grapes being picked by my DH--
YUM! I LOVE Concord grapes--Niagara grapes too!

A fuzzy kiwi.
Apparently our kiwi thrives on neglect--
we seem to have quite a few this year.
I really, really hope they get ripe in time.
I LOVE kiwi!

What can I say?
The PNW had spring in winter,
winter in spring and
a really short summer!
I just hope we get some more ripe ones before early autumn ends
and the freezes begin!

Lavender still blooming--
I believe this is the culinary type.
And lemon balm...
what can I say about lemon balm??
I am SO not kidding!
It has spread out of the pot it was planted in,
spread to the ground nearby,
spread to the barrels behind it.
It obviously LOVES our garden and
since it is pretty and smells wonderful
I don't really mind at all!

LOVE it!
Would not consider a summer--early autumn without planting some of it:)

One of my miniature roses--
I believe this is Sweet Shirley.
I think it is really pretty!
And last, but not least,
autumn colored Japanese maple leaves.

Only one area on the tree-
and I don't remember them being this orange last year...
We also have quite a few lingonberries (some have a lot of red on them),
evergreen huckleberries (if the birds haven't eaten them yet),
very dehydrated blueberries (sigh),
one sorry looking Swiss chard plant,
and a few yellow raspberries!
Blessings from the PNW,

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