02 October 2010

Coastal Wanderings: Fish & Seafood

After some time in Garibaldi-Tillamook,
we raced southward to the Siletz Bay area (Taft) to find this beautiful view
at the beach there...loved, loved, loved it!

And we also found this view of a school of fish there--
well at least a sculpture of a school of fish!
BTW--I LOVE good public art and am always taking photos of it--
I have several photos of this one,
but I particularly like this picture because of the gorgeous colors behind it:)
And then our evening destination
(well at least for eating that evening)--
Now, anyone familiar with Oregon's northern or central coast,
has most likely heard of and been to-a Mo's
(they have several different locations)
I think this was my first evening visit to this one.

We got a table right by the window facing the bay and underneath these pretty lights!
They are pretty popular and had a good amount of people for a weeknight,
but we didn't have to wait more then a few minutes to get seated.

Mo's is famous for their clam chowder--
you can even buy it frozen at some grocery stores around the PNW.
it is creamy and delicious;
my two guests enjoyed it very much!!
Alas, I am lactose intolerant now and can no longer have it...
so I had a scrumptious salad with shrimp at the same time--
have I said how much I LOVE fresh NW seafood??
Truly I do, and I eat fish and seafood often--
my favs being salmon, shrimp, halibut, cod and crab:)


And this was my main course--
or at least what was left of it when I decided I should take a photo of it.
It was a good meal---
and thinking about it makes me want to raid our refrigerator and see what I can find there
If you are on the Oregon coast and hungry,
or just interested in learning more about the history of Mo's, please see their website here
(they also have a section with some of their recipes)
As per usual---I am in no way assocciated with Mo's in any way--
just a happy customer passing on info to those who might be interested and in their area.
A big thank you to the staff at Mo's for giving me permission to post photos taken there on this blog!

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