19 July 2010

Weekend Happenings

It all began with him--
Well, actually, it all began with HIM, my DH--Farmer Boy!
Besides, this is our pesky daughter dog--
not a him at all--
but definitely part of our weekend.
Oh here HE is--part of him that is:)
Now that we have that straight--back to our weekend.
it involved a trip to the town where my grandfather attended college in the early 1900's-
and a very cool park there!
(So cool that, way before my time, they had a swimming hole--
and a little zoo, among other things, there)
Alas--no more:(
But they still have lots of these...
tall, tall trees and cool greenery
many paths--both paved and not; this one with leaf shadows.

a creek down at the bottom of the park
some really beautiful flowers

I haven't a clue what either of them are--but I loved them!
(BTW--if you know what they are pretty please leave me a note)
Oh, no!
It's sunrise!
I'm out of time because
soon DH will be wanting his laptop
and also wanting to know why I stayed up all night and the zillion gooseberries aren't packed away in freezer bags yet.
Only time for 1 more photo--
this is how our weekend ended
(well sort of)

I love this pesky, hormonal, wild dog child...
she reminds me of me:)
Blessings for a great Monday:)
More later!

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