19 July 2010

We Interrupt Today's Scheduled Post for Some Green Goodness:)

Last year we had a lot of these...

BUT then all of our wonderful home frozen fruit, including those shown above, went bad when the freezer was accidentally unplugged for many, many hours during the remodeling of our kitchen/dining room...it was not a happy time for me :(

But the new year would bring a chance for a new harvest...
and it soon became apparent that we would have a lot of little green delights.
Visions of gooseberry tarts again danced in my head and I was happy :)

BUT, again, 'fate' intervened just a bit before harvest time...
we had a heat wave here in the PNW.
Aimee and DH spent quality time in our air conditioned home;
alas--our gooseberries had no such luck and became soft and useless
My best friend and I saw our vision of homemade gooseberry desserts going...

But then we each found farms where we could procure some of these valued gems of the garden.
And all was well again in Aimee-Land

So now I bid you all adieu as I head to my refrigerator to --
gather my beautiful green round ones,
to sort and rinse them,
to tip and tail all of the little guys (such fun! NOT!!!)
and then bake me and the BELOVED Farmer Boy--
some gooseberry tarts.

And later I will try gooseberry fool
and maybe, just maybe---
if I feel really brave---
I might try some gooseberry sorbet.

Ahhhhhh! Gooseberries--round, green (and some red) 'yummies' for the tummies:)
Blessings from my green, but happy, world~

Note: Here are some links to gooseberry recipes--if you are blessed enough to have found some! The Foody (of the UK & Ireland) gooseberry fool recipe. From Estonia and blogger Nami-Nami, a recipe for gooseberry sorbet (yes she uses red ones--which I am told are sweeter--but I'm going to experiment with the amount of sugar and see if it will work. If I get brave, that is!) From Healthy Eating Made Easy, gooseberry crisp/crumble, gooseberry information and other recipes.
Gotta go---my berries and pie crusts await me!

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