01 June 2010

Another Favorite Blog

This has been a favorite blog of mine for quite awhile now, but recently the blog was moved to blogger so now it will be even easier for me to keep up to date with the posts.

If you are homesteading or want to incorporate aspects of it into your life, then you should love it! Additionally, Crystal (from the PNW too) has many recipes, cooking advice and more! She also has a forum that is quite interesting and covers many topics--it is closed to new members right now but you can still read it and may find answers to the gardening, cooking, animal care, etc, etc questions you have. Here is the link to her blog:


Also a question for visitors--I know many blogs do have a bloglist to the side> I can think of pros and cons to this, but generally like the idea (although there is no way I could list all the blogs I like or visit and wouldn't want to hurt anyones feelings). Any preferences? Up to now I have been putting links for some sites under the label "Favorite +/or Interesting Websites/Blogs". Such a novel (not!) name, huh?
Have a great and most blessed week! I off for some aftens (my new Norwegian word) and then bed...

Blessings, Aimee

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