10 February 2010

Wordless Wednesday (but not quite in the way you'd expect)

Today I am celebrating what I see on a lot of blogs...wordless Wednesday; but in my case I am celebrating it literally. You see about 2 days ago I lost my voice and it's been replaced by a squeaky, half whispered thingee quite unlike my real one.

Our dogs alternate between obedience and disobedience as I attempt to issue orders for them to 'come', 'go slow' or 'move'. Of course, they sometimes don't obey me when I have a normal voice either...
My hubby keeps asking 'what'? -- he can't hear me either; he finally just told me to stop trying to talk.

When others do 'hear' me they mostly have 1 of 2 reactions; shock and concern or laughter. They all know that being wordless is REALLY not a normal state for me.

I am SO glad that I rarely catch colds and that I've had laryngitis even less frequently. All and all I will be glad to return to 'normal' --- at least my normal.


Wishing you health and many blessings, Aimee

Photos: field daisies, pussy willows, the leaves of one of the miniature roses (they never really seemed to lose their leaves this winter), praecox rhodendron (imagine a big bush covered in these beauties), first dandelion (well at least the first one I found), leftover storm 'damage' (or an opportunity for a photo-what is hard to see is that this cone is tightly wedged in there)

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