14 February 2010

Valentine's Day

Like Christmas this year, Valentine's Day 2010 will be quite different then I would have liked. My cold is still bad; I've also developed an eye infection and skin infection which has caused the entire eye area (down to the cheekbone) swell and look --- well -- really, really nasty. I am now on medication for the infections though and, God willing, they expect improvement in a day or two. Until then I am HAPPY to stay out of public places and in the comfort of my warm home under a fleecy comforter!

Anyway, I am saying all this to point out the fact that sometimes life cannot be planned and there are always times when you will find yourself disappointed at the way things turned out. Such is life and I am reminded that even when disappointments come our way, we are still surrounded by many blessings if we only look for them.

Some of my blessings this Valentine's Day eve---
  • A hubby willing to accompany me to the doctor of MY choice--even though our insurance won't cover the visit
  • Antibiotics and well trained, compassionate health care professionals!
  • Family and friends
  • Knowing that this week will bring more color in the garden, possibly more blue skies above me and beautiful music to surround me!

Have a blessed Valentine's Day!



Anonymous said...

So sorry…Hope things get better. We will continue to pray for you. God bless, L.

aimee said...

Hey L,
Thank you so much! The swelling around my eye (from the cellulitis) is down considerably, my cold has vastly improved (I can sleep without being up umpteen times coughing--yippee!)...now just this stubborn conjunctivitis!!

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