11 April 2009

A Project

Not too long ago my sibling gave me a bamboo bench (something I had been wanting for our Japanese-style garden for a long time). As they put it "it's going to be a lot of work". And it will be but I was very excited to get it nevertheless because the 'skeleton' is intact and strong!

To repair and refinish the bench we'll have to replace the seat and back, sand and then shellac it (possibly stain it too if the shellac doesn't change the color enough). FYI: originally the bench was the golden color we're all accustomed to seeing. Finally I will make or buy a pad for the bench's seat and back; possibly some pillows too.

SO sometime in the near or distant future I'll be posting a "real" done photo....but until then here is the look I'm after in terms of the seat and back of the bench.

Blessings, aimee

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