07 January 2009

A Walk in His Gardens: Sunnier Times. Maybe Not.

A Walk in His Gardens--Rural NW

This week I took a road trip with one of my kids.
We traveled by wetlands, rivers and..
more wetlands,
beside woodlands and ...
up hills...
and on mountains.
It was a good day! We even got to eat out--twice:)That is if you count 'homemade' coffee cake from a restaurant as one of the times.
I ended up with dozens of beautiful photos to post, but then I got to thinking... I've heard, and from more then one source, that many people are tired of this weather.

I understand. I really do. I'm one of the few people I know who love snow close up! But I know, what is a treat for me (and all the kids in the NW), is a real pain for others.....although the ski areas really like it.

So I thought maybe a 'Walk' in sunnier locales might be just what the doctor ordered for those of us currently at the mercy of nasty weather--and I'll even let you define what 'nasty' weather is! Unfortunately, our sunny desert 'Walk' in Sedona and California will have to wait as I still need to scan the numerous prints I've been sorting (and labeling, and sorting) for the last 2 days now..

Maybe halfway through winter would be a better time to post them anyway. Then we ALL (rain haters, snow haters and winter haters alike) will need them! And for you snow haters -- I was very good and didn't post any more snow close up pictures though I was very, very tempted to.

Blessings, Aimee

Photos: rural NW Oregon


Aimee said...

I like rainy days, grey snowy days ect . . . there is something beautiful about them . . . Like your pictures. - Another Aimee

aimee said...

You are right---all days are a gift to us and beautiful in their own way! I just tire of the really grey, rainy weeks...I sometimes need a reminder that they are a gift too from God and that HIS ways are always right.
Thank you for visiting & your kind comment!!
Blessings, A

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