07 January 2009

A Horse's Tale

I first saw him on Christmas Eve.
A very cute, black and white pinto wearing a small lambswool blanket, black saddle and bridle.
He neighed at me and shook his head and tail.

Did I say how adorable he was???

I imagined my newest grandchild sitting astride him--her feet in the stirrups and hands on the reins; her glee and delight as she sat on his back!

I was totally won over!

The price was right and so I made an impassioned plea to my husband of 25+ years--but to no avail. I couldn't persuade him and so I sadly left without the little horse.

It was not a happy time...

Christmas passed and a day or two; I continued to sing the glories of the little horsey and how our grandchild (and I) needed him!

One night my hubby left for awhile and when he came back there was a little 'friend' with him!!! It was the horse with a brightly colored bow attached to his bridle!

I was SO excited and quickly made a place for the small horse! I texted my DIL the great news; but she did not share my enthusiasm. It was OK--I knew the pinto and I could win her over in time; after all we had won my hubby over!

Maybe in a year or two...or three.

After the text, I introduced our new baby to the rest of the family, his canine brothers -- all three of them--the dogs of the long, soft white fur and loud barks!

Aimee seemed to be particularly interested in his (um) rear end but I suppose this was to be expected as she sniffs everybody, and the horse did not seem to mind.

Her brother largely ignored the new arrival, but that was to be expected as he has sadly lost most of his eyesight

And then it was my dog's turn...at first he sniffed around and then left. What was my little canine prince thinking?

One could not be sure.

He returned, and then my perfect, little canine prince...

BIT the poor, sweet, little horsey right on his nose!!!


Poor baby --- it’s hard to be the new horse on the block!

Blessings, Aimee

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