28 January 2009

And more---

I remember a very special seagull convention when I was in Utah with my wonderful grandchildren. I miss Utah and the Rockies (Wasatch Mts.); I miss the kiddos too :(

This is one of my favorite beaches on Oregon's central coast; I always like to stop by and check it out when I am in that area. We had the place almost to ourselves on the day we arrived and the views---well I will let you decide. It looked like there had been some erosion since my last visit--a long time ago--it's no wonder with the winter storms the NW receives.

A bit north of Newport -- or a little south of Siletz Bay, depending on which way you are traveling is Depoe Bay. If you are traveling south from Lincoln City you might stop at Boiler Bay, which also has a great view. This photo would be northwest of Depoe Bay's Harbor--the one pictured in last week's "Walk".

And then there are the forests in the Coast Range mountains of Oregon (of course there are the beautiful forests of Washington State -- but will get to those on a later post). The Pacific NW has been blessed with lots of forests---

A valley and mountain view after (or before) entering the Coast Range.

Blessings, A

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