27 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Despite the uncertainty of these times, we as Americans have much to be grateful for.

The Bible teaches that giving thanks to God is right and that it should be done often.

Giving thanks takes the focus off our current problems and reminds us of all we have been given while it helps to increase our faith in God and in His providence for us in the future.

On this day of thanksgiving what are you thankful for? Good health? Your family? A warm home? Thanksgiving dinner? This beautiful world? Your church? Life itself? The freedom to worship as you choose to? A job? I invite you to join me today and give thanks for something you are grateful for.

A Pilgrim's Child

My Thanksgiving list:

  • My very talented husband who replaced our washer and cook-top, repaired our oven AND bought me a new microwave. WooHoo!! I can cook again!!
  • My mom, dad, sister and best friend; Hubby's mom and family.
  • All my children who have taught me so very much.
  • The cross and what it represents.
    And so very much more!

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