24 November 2008

Giving Thanks Early!

Life can be a good teacher if we let it be.

Like when you do without something vital to daily modern life for an hour or more (like the oven, washer, indoor plumbing, electricity, etc). It changes your whole outlook on life and you just don't take it for granted when you get that vital appliance or convenience back. Or at least you shouldn't.

The old me would have ranted and raved when, in successive order, I lost a washer (actually it was a soggy mess so I did mini-rant at first on that one) and then the oven went out in a blaze of glory (I was pretty good on the oven thing - just stressed. Badly)

I saw all my plans for baked desserts going up in smoke.

First we replaced the washer....and that was good, really good. Soggy, mildewing clothes in the tub is no fun.

But Thanksgiving was coming and w
e had only a lowly 'ancient' microwave and one burner left to cook on. Oh and a crock pot---but I don't think I've ever seen a Thanksgiving-in-a-crock pot recipe (even on the very wise Internet).

I began thinking about any and all restaurant alternatives for THAT day and craving even more the desserts I couldn't make now.

The weekend came....and then in just one day---my wonderful, totally talented prince of a husband replaced our oven heating element, our cooktop (with a brand new one--yippee!!) and even put in place a new microwave (his idea!) He was probably having cravings for baked food too.

It was like Christmas one month early or Thanksgiving before Thanksgiving Day or my birthday or???

My hubby is SUCH a good man:)

So tonight I had the pleasure of christening our new oven heating element by cooking some beautiful potato crusted cod and Mediterranean style salmon in there--delicioso! (Unfortunately the microwave was christened by my hubby heating some hot dogs in there--ew!)

Tomorrow I believe I shall take my cooktop on it's maiden voyage with----perhaps, no definitely, lamb stir fry! Oh yum!

And Thanksgiving--well plans have changed and others will be cooking--which I am thankful for! Which leads me back to the subject of this post: giving thanks.

My list so far for this week:

  • I am thankful that I do not live in pioneer or in Pilgrim times (when it comes to washing, cooking and indoor--heated plumbing concerns at least) I know my Pioneer and Pilgrim forefathers (and foremothers to!) were stronger people then I and I'm willing to admit it.
  • I am thankful my hubby person is the extremely talented man he is! He would have made a great pioneer!

  • I am thankful that we had money in savings to cover this 'emergency' and that after 5 stores and many, many miles we found all of the answers to my cooking dilemnas.

So what are YOU thankful for this week?

Thankful in the NW,

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