12 August 2016

Magical Summer Continued

One morning we got up really early and headed off to Depoe Bay. 
Early mornings in a fishing community is magical too with the sounds and sights of boats getting ready to leave the safety of the bay for the open sea. It truly was an experience I won't soon forget!
BTW, do you see the little beach in the corner there? 
In all the times I have been to Depoe Bay (and there have been countless times), I had NO idea there was any beach in the city at all:)

Some of the life to be seen in the tidal pools further north...

One of the local residents--
I never tire of seeing them. 

Might have already posted this..apologies if I did. 
This is looking northward from the tidal pools. 
Our visitors totally fell in love with them...
I can hardly wait to show them the ones we recently visited--
no slippery rocks there :)

I feel like someone is watching me!
Shudder, shudder. 

Pink flowers! As you may know this girl LOVES pink. 
Did I tell you my sweet kids bought me a iPhone this summer?
And, they made sure it was rose colored (technically rose gold)...
it is SO fun to be able to FaceTime them now and, not only hear them, but SEE them too!
Can hardly wait till my DD joins our bunch of Apple lovers:)

North of Depoe Bay, south of the tide pools, is the historic community of Taft (part of Lincoln City) and lovely Siletz Bay. And these guys are some of their more famous residents--
the Salesian Spit harbor seals. 
They were more active then I had seen them before and we enjoyed watching them move about on land and in the bay.

Such fun we had--posting these photos brings back those days!

Hope you are making sweet memories this summer too!



Linda W. said...

There's nothing like a trip to the Oregon Coast! Glad you had such a fabulous time.

ellen b said...

Love enjoying the sea and those tidal pools from afar with you. They are so much fun to explore. A new I-phone woohoo. Technology is so amazing for staying in contact with loved ones far away. It's a joy to read of your magical times this summer.

Betsy said...

NOW you are in our "neck of the woods". We spend most of our time between Lincoln City and Newport when we visit the coast. I had never noticed that beach in Depoe Bay either and we have also been there dozens of times. How funny. :-). I love my IPhone for the same reason as you do. I FaceTime with Mandy daily and Alex in Japan at least once a week. I am so grateful for it. Alex took us on a tour of his new house on Wednesday evening. I know technology has it's bad side, but I am so glad it exists. Gorgeous pictures today Aimee.

Sammy Sam said...

Hi Aimee, looks like a wonderful little outing. It's super nice to find something new in an old familiar place isn't it?

Robin in Portland Oregon said...

Oh my Gosh! A Nudibranch (sea slug)! I've always wanted to see one of these, some of them are incredibly beautiful. I thought they were only in the tropics - had no idea they were on the Oregon coast.
I love Depot Bay and Taft (& Moe's).

Thanks for sharing.

Gracie Saylor said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos, Aimee, showing me different views of an area I enjoy visiting. Enjoy your iPhone! I am still shy using Facetime, but it is a blessing to have it. xx

Jill said...

You always post the most lovely pictures!! I enjoy seeing them so much :-) Congratulations on your iphone! I just love mine so much :-) Facetime has been a blessing having family far away. Have a wonderful day!!


Teresa Kasner said...

Welcome back to blogland! I was gone for 2 weeks camping in the alpine woods on our lovely clear lake.. pix on my blog. I also have the same phone as you and I absolutely adore it. The iPhone 7 is coming out in September. I will want one.. lol. Off to see your other post. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Summer said...

Your photos do look magical♥


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Beautiful Oregon Coast -- you must have hit the tide just right to actually see a beach at Depoe Bay -- we usually used to go there and get splashed as we stood on the street. Very cool to see the sea lions and the beautiful scenery. We still haven't been to the Coast yet this summer; busy times with family and in the city. But I refuse to go back to Florida until we make at least a couple of visits to the Oregon coast (the best coast).

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I haven't been to Depot Bay in years, but I have fond memories of that place. I love watching the sea lions as well. They are so entertaining! Hope your fall is going well. Blessings, Jackie

Becky L. said...

I read the post before this one but didn't make a comment. Just hopped over to read your blog as I've noticed I get visitors from your blog, which is nice. Your adorable granddaughters .....oh so sweet! So beautiful is the coast! Cannot imagine how it is right now with the storm raging there! It's relatively ok inland, for now! Glad you had some good times with your family, Aimee! God bless you!

Linda said...

Beautiful photos, Aimee! And your header is stunning. :)

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