27 January 2016

Wetlands Wednesday

Like a hawk I have been watching...
for another rain break
for a certain road closed by high water to reopen.
This week both happened
and we (hubby and I) set off towards a certain wetland I had been wanting to visit
 since I first heard about it.
When we arrived I was truly blown away by the tranquil scene before us.
It was better than a massage,
better than dark chocolate,
better than...
well at least it was better FOR ME than a whole lot of things:)
A lot of the usual feathered friends were there...
an egret
(I think he fit in well with the Oriental feel that part of the wetlands has),
(A special thank you to Teresa for reigniting my desire to see these beauties this winter!
BTW, for some amazing close ups of Mirror Lake's tundra swans see Teresa's lovely post on "her" feathered friends here:
The trail around the lake was amazing--
all except for one snake who was definitely NOT hibernating
(being that this blog is a no-snake zone,
I am not posting any of the 3 photos I took of the slithery one)
The trail is mostly flat and only a tiny bit over one mile in length.
Oh, oh DH is up and foraging through the fridge in search of food.
Better go:)
Night all!


Linda W. said...

What a lovely place! Glad the weather cooperated so you could get out and see it. Nice photos of all the different waterfowl.

Betsy said...

Such beautiful photos Aimee. I especially like the one of the egret. I can tell how much you love nature through your posts. The love comes shining through every word that you type.
Blessings, Betsy

ellen b said...

You got some beautiful shots of those winged creatures! A snake is not something I ever want to meet in the wild! Right now with all that rain overnight my yard feels like a wetland! Have a great day!

Lorrie said...

Beautiful photos of the wetland, Aimee. So serene. I'm VERY thankful you didn't post any photos of that slithery thing because I'd have clicked out immediately. I'm amazed that you even took photos of it.

The egret is beautiful among all the neutrals, and the two geese, perfectly mirrored in the water make a wonderful scene.

Gracie Saylor said...

So you were on a trail around Mirror Lake? Wherever you were, thanks for sharing the lovely photos [sans the snake! :) ] This morning I saw the strangest thing along a curb in Gresham, but did not think to snap a photo. Six inch long worms were lined up wiggling along the base of the curb for quite a distance. It had been raining, but still I wonder why they were on that route. What was their destination? Then when I opened our screen door to go inside when I got home I saw a salamander curled up on the porch by the door! I think he was looking for a warm place, but hope he doesn't find a way inside! One did once and in the middle of the night I found him in the living room. By crawling on the carpet he had collect a good bit of carpet fuzz so he looked like a very strange creature indeed :) xx

aimee said...

It truly was gorgeous! Thank you:)

Thanks! The egret was beautiful-it was quite a treat seeing him in such lovely surroundings.
I do LOVE God's creation a great deal and it brings me joy to share the things I find with others through words and photos:)

Thank you! I really hate finding snakes at home or in the wild...especially during a time I thought they were all hibernating. LOL--our pond looked pretty full this morning after all the rain too:)

Thank you Lorrie! It truly was a peaceful place! I see you hate snakes as much as I do--no worries, this will always be a snake free zone:)
Actually, I was so shocked to see one during this time of the year that that I wanted proof I had really seen one.
You would have loved seeing the geese and egret in person!

No it wasn't Mirror Lake, although Teresa's photos of the swans there did inspire me to find some a bit closer which led me to find this wetland:) You are most welcome and thank you! Sounds like you've been having some awesome nature finds too! I bet the little salamander did look quite strange--LOL:)

Teresa Kasner said...

Hi Aimee! I'm so glad my swan post got you out to find some of your own! When I drove by Mirror Lake yesterday there were almost 200 of the swans there! I want to go back soon before they fly back to the Canadian Arctic Tundra!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Your post surely did inspire me:) I bet that was a wonderful sight to see so many swans in one place (and a beautiful place at that)! I hope you can get more photos as they are certainly majestic creatures.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

The swans are just beautiful ... and there is nothing better than a beautiful day on the Oregon Coast, the more treasured during the rainy season because of the rarity.

I must tell you (so you can laugh maybe) that it was warmer on the Oregon Coast on two days last week than it was here in Florida. I kept saying 'why are we here?' .... El Nino is doing strange things to our weather. (it is nice again this week though.)

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