26 December 2015

Scenes Of The Season

Life has been busy...
First there was transitioning to the hubby being home,
then there was the getting used to the darker days of gloomy gray all over again,
then there was the rain, wind and more rain
(SO thankful we had a certain tree removed earlier this year),
then there was the whole
getting ready for company preparations,
attempting to find all the Christmas decorations I hadn't put up for 5 or so years
and all THOSE other things that come with life:)
BUT, then they began to arrive,
one by one...
(yep, those pictures are on my cell phone).
And, since some of them are still here, life continues to be busy
(in a very good way though)
But before the company we had time to make a little road trip to see some feathered friends
and a whole lot of flooding
(I think I read yesterday was Portland's 25th day of recorded precipitation)
There were my beloved
Canadian geese...
and ducks in various poses!
Two bald eagles
(so much better a view through the telescope that was there).
And then there was the flooding...
And more flooding--almost up to the road in places,
over roads in other places...

We were happy to see a certain famous couple survived the flooding though
as a certain Small One was part of our expected company.
I was pretty good about not adding to my Christmas décor this year,
but couldn't resist these Swedish candleholders at Goodwill--
only 99 cents each:)
Couldn't resist some figurines to add to my Christmas village either...
also very inexpensive.
Speaking of flooding,
we had a foot of water under our house at one point this month.  
Have I ever told you how thankful I am for pumps?
Well, one of my kids should be arriving back soon--
I believe spaghetti is on the menu for this evening.
(I LOVE having kids that cook so very well)
So far we've had yummy
beef bourguignon,
salmon chipotle and twice baked potatoes,
Christmas ham and all the trimmings,
jalapeno poppers...
a beautiful lattice topped apple pie
(our oldest granddaughter made),
homemade treats my wonderful SIL made...
I am know I am going to have to diet forever,
 after all this feasting,
but NOT yet
They're back so I need to sign off.
Hope you all had a very joy filled Christmas!
My apologies for any typos and such,
no time to proof read--


ellen b said...

Okay...you can send your kids up here. My kitchen will gladly receive them. We've had so much rain in the Pacific Northwest, haven't we? Sounds like you are enjoying your time! I'm going to start de-fluffing again after the New Year!!

Linda W. said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! It's so nice to enjoy the season in the company of loved ones. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Betsy said...

It's so good to hear from you Aimee and how wonderful to have kids that cook those yummy things. I think a visit to your home is in order for me! Wow! I didn't realize it was still flooding so badly in Portland. I thought some relief had arrived. Instead of rain we're getting the white stuff. Over 2 feet of it so far at our house and more expected today. I'm glad to see that that famous couple survived all the floods so that they could visit your home. Mrs. Clause looks pretty busy knitting! I wonder if it's a late gift for someone? Have a lovely day my friend.

Teresa Kasner said...

It's great to see you post, Aimee! Love your bird pix and your cute painted Santa and Mrs. Claus! What a score of the candle holders. I didn't get any new decorations until AFTER Christmas.. I ordered a wooden candle whirligig thing on Amazon. I've wanted one for years. It sounds like you've had a busy household.. like ours! Fun!

  *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Gracie Saylor said...

Thanks for the lovely photos of our feathered friends, and for the happy report of your celebration for Christmas. Happy New Year, Aimee! xx

Jill said...

Love the pictures of the birds and the santa and Mrs. Claus cut outs are so adorable! Glad you are ok with all that flooding!! Take care and happy new year!!


Sammy Sam said...

Hi Aimee, we like reading and seeing your beautiful photographs. So nice to see. We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and have a nice quiet new year celebration. Happy new year.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Happy New Year to you and your family.

God bless.

Bethany Carson said...

Wow! Sounds like quite the feast! I hope you had a wonderful time with your family. I enjoyed the photos...especially the first two photos with the birds and green grass! The flooding made for some good photos too; I hope it did not cause any damage--glad you have a good pump!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Sounds like you had a rather wet but delicious Christmas! What a tasty menu you posted. I'm sure missing the sunshine. The freezing fog and inversions have hit and I miss the sunshine so much. Hope you have an awesome 2016!

aimee said...

LOL! So wish I had them here all the time--of course if I did, I would have even more weight to lose:) Ah yes--the western PNW means lots of rain.
Happy New Year to you and yours Ellen!

It really was a good Christmas season! Hope yours was good as well:)
Happy New Year to you and your family!

The food was most yummy -- you would have enjoyed it! The flooding was pretty bad in certain places, but we've dried out since I posted:) LOL--I don't know if I even noticed what Mrs Claus was doing--love it! I surely wish we could "borrow" a bit of your snow "blessing"...I LOVE the white stuff so very much and am never happier then on winters when we get a lot:)
Happy New Year to you and your hubby!

Thank you! I have enjoyed the birds we have seen this winter and I was very excited when we drove by the Claus couple--SO cute! I saw your new decoration--very nice!!
Happy New Year to you, your husband, kids and grandsons!

Happy that you enjoyed my bird friends--I always enjoy seeing them:) Wishing you and your extended family a Happy New Year also!

SO glad you liked my feathered friends and Claus couple (I would love to put my hubby to work making a pair for us too). Yea, me too. Relieved that it's over...
Happy New Year to you Jill, your hubby and your girls!

Thanks Sam! We did have a good Christmas and New Years as well:)
Happy New Year to you my furry friend and to all of your family!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year as well Victor!

Indeed it was! I am going to miss the yummy food--but most of all I miss my kids. Looking forward to the next time we see them:) Glad you enjoyed the photos--we had some of the lovely white, cold stuff on that pretty green grass for a bit, but now we're back to green again.
Happy New Year Bethany--and wishing your family one also!

It was pretty wet and cold too. Both of the kids say they prefer their lovely warm southern weather:) Yum--the food was great. Mmm. I hope you get some sun soon Jackie. I like a bit of fog, even freezing fog (if I don't have to drive in it), but not day after day.
Wishing your entire family a Happy New Year!

To all
My apologies so being so very late with my replies and posting. Thanks to all of you for your kind comments:) We have been in the process of changing Internet plans, phones, etc. among other things.

Sammy Sam said...

We missed you Aimee. Thanks for the nature shots. We always feel refreshed after viewing your photos. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sammy! I know we share a love for nature. Glad to hear the pix leave you feeling refreshed...makes me smile to hear that :-)
Blessings furry friend!

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