21 July 2015

Between Bay + Ocean: Bayocean Peninsula County Park

Bay view from Bayocean Dike Road past the gate. If you look really hard
you can see the historic smokestack located in Garibaldi. Clicking on the photo makes it larger.

 I've written about Bayocean before and the role that the north jetty at Barview played in its demise. Well this last weekend, on a "nice" sunny,  HOT day we took a trip out there--to this lovely spot located between bay and ocean

After getting on the wrong road and ending up in Netarts, we put my phone's navigation software and GPS to work and found the somewhat elusive Bayocean Road. Yippee! (If you are gaining elevation, you are NOT on the right road. We saw no signs pointing us the right direction.)
Memaloose Point area
  The bay was beautiful--despite the fact that it was not, as usual, the "golden" hour...
oh well you can't have everything, right? :)
the natives were also lovely and added to our enjoyment of the approximately 5 mile drive out to the peninsula. One small segment even reminded me of the Hood Canal of Washington state and its small homes along the water!
View of the Bayocean Dike Road from the parking area. The lower road runs along Tillamook Bay and carries traffic towards the parking area; the higher road passes by Lake Cape Meares and carries traffic back to Bayocean Road.
The dike road (Bayocean Dike Road) was a piece of cake...as usual I fretted over NOTHING imagining a road with steep drop-offs into the lake and bay from a very narrow dike. That's what you get when you have the wrong perspective on something:)
With furry white one in tow we headed out -- at first -- on road that runs along the bay, but hubby quickly decided we should reroute to the beach. A visit to the townsite's original location would have to wait for now...sigh (bay pic at the top of this post is from this area).
Returning to the parking lot, we found the sandy trail and headed westward...
Looking southward from the trail
The scenery on the way was lovely! Scotchbroom (some which still had a few blooms on it), trees, grasses---loved it! But what wasn't so lovely was the sand on the trail was blazing HOT (and I do mean BLAZING)...sheer agony as I couldn't walk barefoot and the sand kept working its way under the soles of my feet because I had worn, not knowing, flip flops. OUCH, agony, pain.
But we persevered, extremely thankful for the grass at the sides of the trail and all shady spots. Talking to a couple fellow trekkers we gained hope that the trip was well worth it and then...

 one last hill to climb and we would be there.
Much cooler sand on the beach. Ahhhh. Lovely on the footsies!
 Beautiful view towards the Cape Meares area
(the community and headland)
Some buildings from Bayocean were moved to the town there...
Beautiful views to the north too
(Barview area, jetties and more)
The ocean (west of course)--always lovely
Eastward view towards the dunes and center of the spit. .
Was Aimee happy and was it worth it?
Oh YES...despite getting a friction blister. At least I no longer have the splinter, I had picked up earlier in the week, thanks to DH "doctoring" before we left to Bayocean:)
And the hike that seemed to be SO long?
Well, per the measuring tool on the most wonderful Google maps...
yep, it was about 1/3 mile one way.
But now I have another problem.
I have to convince my wonderful hubby to make a return visit :)
The Bayocean link above will take you to a prior post where I've listed some great websites on Bayocean and its fascinating, though sad, history.
Another excellent website I found recently is here:
(some of his posts have really given me a new perspective on Bayocean and its actual location)
Since this post was so photo heavy, I'll include some pictures of Cape Meares Lake at a different time. Heading south on Bayocean Dike Road it's to your right--
it was formed when they built the dike to reconnect the Bayocean spit which had, temporarily become an island in the 1950s due to winter storms and beach erosion caused by building (and later extension) of just the north jetty.
PDF map of Tillamook County -- will give you a perspective on where
the different locations mentioned are.
Once on the peninsula you can have quite the hike if you are up to it...


Linda W. said...

Lovely photos! That's one beach I've yet to visit. I was just on the coast two weeks ago, and drove right by this place.

Sammy Sam said...

Beautiful Aimee. We feel refreshed as well. I suppose the waves, being near the beach and a little nature hike will do that. I think that if you pack a really nice lunch along with you next time, maybe your husband will be "encouraged" to do a return visit. The little, fury white one looks like he's enjoying the outing as well.

Gracie Saylor said...

Aimee! Thanks for this beautiful post! I really enjoyed it! My youngest daughter and her husband have invited me to go camping with them at Cape Lookout soon and your photos remind me of all the wonders God has created for us to see at the sea. Amazing!!!

Teresa Kasner said...

GREAT photos, Aimee! Nothing neater than a beach trail through the beachy grasses! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Thank you! I saw, on another blog, that you visited one of my other fav beaches:) Bayocean is a bit out of the way, but I like beaches that are like that. You'll have to visit sometime and hike the whole spit (about 8 miles for the loop I believe).

Thanks! Ah, I am so glad that you feel refreshed:) Hum, a sack lunch picnic would be a great idea! Yep--small furry one loves doing anything that involves her being with her Dad. She's a Daddy's girl that one!

You are most welcome and that you for the sweet compliment! You will have SO much fun camping with your daughter and SIL! Cape Lookout is on my hubby's wish list:) Have a GREAT time enjoying the wonders of God's creation!

Thank you! I agree--except with cooler sand next time. LOL:)

ellen b said...

Hi Aimee!
Thanks for your recent visits and comments on my blog. I appreciate it. What beautiful photos you have shared here. Looking forward to catching more of your posts!

aimee said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting:) I feel I should be thanking you for letting me see my beloved Seattle and Olympic Peninsula again---it's brought back many good memories of trips there and college!

Betsy said...

Beautiful pictures Aimee. I love the Cape Meares area and hope to go back sometime soon. In the fall...maybe? I never get enough of your ocean and beach pictures. How wonderful to live close enough to visit often.

aimee said...

Thank you! It is a beautiful part of the coast. I am SO happy that, perhaps, you will get a chance to take a trip to the Oregon coast this autumn! I think that is one of the best times to tour the beach areas as there are less crowds and nice fall colors in the mountains and elsewhere.
Blessings, Aimee

Jill said...

Gorgeous photos, I could sit all day by the water and just enjoy the beauty. I've done the same with flip flops and taking impromptu hikes, lol. I should just leave a pair of tennis shoes and socks in my car, lol.
Have a wonderful day!


Lorrie said...

What a beautiful place for an outing. Love the wide flat expanses of beach and water.

aimee said...

Thank you! Me too--it's just such a peaceful place. Hey, that's a great idea about leaving a pair of tennis shoes and socks in the car--thanks:)

I agree--I love it for that reason too:)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh so beautiful... a hidden gem. I swear I'm going to scream if we don't get to the coast soon.

aimee said...

OUCH!I hear you screaming:) I recommend a trip to the beach this weekend---I see it's going to be hot down your way:) Definitely a hidden gem!

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Oh the ocean is just beautiful! What an interesting (and pretty) place to visit!

Bethany Carson said...

The view is gorgeous! Looks like a very awesome place to hike. I really enjoyed your photos.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh, you are making me miss the beach with all these beach pics. We don't get to go this year, but hopefully we'll get to camp at Nehalem Bay next year. Looks like you are having a great time this summer!

aimee said...

It is quite lovely! I definitely want to go back and check out the bay side of the peninsula:)

So happy that you enjoyed them! You would love it there Bethany-it's a very peaceful place:)

Hoping you can make it next year as I know you love the beach:)

Terri, Bethany + Jackie~
My apologies for not getting your comments posted in a timely manner. We've been quite busy this summer and I fell behind in my Bible reading (something I insist on being up to date before I blog), Again--I am sorry.

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