14 November 2014

Of Flowers, Kiwi, Aspen + Other Stuff

Let me start off by saying I am watching a cooking show right now,
so expect typos, bad grammar and a REALLY random post:)

How is everyone? Are you enjoying winter in autumn weather like we are? Oh yes, we've been having our share of windy, very sunny days and now a "delightful" wintry mix. LOL.
Speaking of windy, dry, cold (low 40s) and sunny days, I finally had the chance to conduct the laundry experiment I've been wanting to do for a long time---and I was shocked with the results!
The experiment was to see if laundry (in this case towels and some clothes) would dry
--at all--
at such a low temp.
Unfortunately I was really late in getting them outside and so they were only out there a few hours,
but they were definitely a bit drier--
some more then others.
Next time I'll get an earlier start.
(BTW, I finished drying them on a rack over one of the heat registers.
I felt a bit like a pioneer except for the whole central heat, automatic wash machine thing)
Inside we (meaning Farmer Boy) have been hard at work --
and we (meaning both of us) now have sheetrock in our not-used-for-5-years bedroom!
I can almost see the finished project now:
 a big walk-in storage/utility room (easy oh beating heart of mine) and a bedroom or craft room or man cave or ??? 
Of course I am totally in denial that it is going to take the months Farmer Boy is talking about:)
While the man has been very hard at work, I have been doing far, far less--but the kitchen organization is almost done and -- for the first time in months -- our dining room table is decorated and empty of all the miscellaneous stuff that had taken up residence there in the last months.
I kind of like seeing the wood tabletop so maybe I'll work harder to keep it cleared off this time
 Miss Pilgrim (well, Pilgrim descendant) blew it today. My best friend mentioned Michael's and the next thing I knew I was out the door. Of course, surrounded by aisles of Christmas ribbon, winter cookie cutters and more, I soon had a few items in my cart including a great book for Small One. Bad, bad me...I am telling myself it's OK since three of those items are for Thanksgiving.
Have I said we're having dinner at our son's (a Chef) that day?
I am SO excited to see what he'll be making:)
And now some photos from the past three (has it really been so long?) weeks...

From the vine to a ...
This box will be stored in our RV during the winter.
Last year we had a full box and they kept beautifully for about 4-5 months in there 
(we keep the RV at about 39-40 degrees to avoid frozen pipes).
When we wanted some to eat, we would bring out a few to ripen.
Our second camellia sasanqua has totally come back from its near demise
and is filled with pretty pink flowers (as is the other camellia)!
When I was planning our garden years ago,
I tried very hard to have something in bloom each season,
because on those gray days there's nothing like pink flowers to put a smile on your face:)
Also abundant are the mushrooms--
they seem to be taking over our woodland or at least one part of it.
Look at what I found?
Yep! That's right.
Beautiful quaking aspen in WESTERN Oregon.
I am so proud of myself...

The Internet can be very handy at times when you are desperately
in need of an aspen sighting in autumn.
(I'll admit they are less golden then their east of the Cascades counterparts,
but they are aspen,  and autumn isn't autumn without seeing one of my favorite trees!).
Last but not least, I met two "angels" in the past three weeks.
Not REAL angels of course...
though I believe in them,
but two ladies who truly blessed me when I needed a bit of a blessing.
And I was thinking...
wouldn't this world be a better place if everyone lived each day being a blessing to others?
Until next time.


Willow said...

Beautiful post Aimee. Love the shots as well.
Your right about being a blessing to one another ~ I have no doubt those ladies though you were an Angel too :)
Blessings to you my friend,

Linda W. said...

Good to hear from you! Best of luck with the room project. I did survive the "wintry mix" - only a bit of freezing rain here in Beaverton. And I've been homebound for the past two weeks, recovering from my foot surgery.

BTW, I did send an email to the Olympic National Park HQ the week after our terrible camping experience, but never heard a peep from them..

Bethany Carson said...

Sounds wonderful to go over to your son's place for Thanksgiving! I'm sure the meal will be delicious! The camellias are gorgeous; you certainly captured some lovely shots. It would be a wonderful place if everyone were kind to each other. There's not much hope for that here, but we can do our part--and look forward to a better world!

Gracie Saylor said...

So nice to catch up with a bit of your latest, Aimee! I have not lugged the laundry outside since I moved to this house, but I love the fresh air smell of laundry dried outside.

I bought one little box of small kiwis this fall...and managed to share a few :) and thought of you while enjoying them. It is great that you have figured out how to store them so you can enjoy them over a few months.

Bravo for working more on your house renovations! And thanks for sharing your pretty photos. The golden Aspen always pleasantly remind me of the two and a half years I enjoyed living in Colorado.

My car is encrusted in ice so I am not going to venture out today, and hope to catch up on some inside chores and stitching...cozy and warm :)

Blessings to you and yours xx

Teresa Kasner said...

You have some wonderful plantings.. can you believe our old farmyard doesn't have even ONE camellia? I need to fix that. Welcome back to blogging!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy said...

Yes! The world be a wonderful place if we all tried hard to be a blessing to others. I loved your post today Aimee. A glimpse I to your life. I enjoyed your clothes experiment and your table cleaning. That happens to me too. It becomes quite a catch all. I hope your weekend is lovely my friend.

sallie (fulltime-Life.com) said...

It would definitely be a better world Aimee! Its obvious you do live that way. Love that you found your special tree. And pink flowers, yes!!!

I'm feeling for you on the long remodeling project -- been there done that. Worth it in the long run (we even survived a total kitchen remodel twice -- that is the ultimate test!)

It's cold and windy over here in Western Oregon. Brrrr.

aimee said...

Thanks! I would like to be a blessing, but--like everyone else--have days I fail at being so. My DD is thinking about getting a goat and a horse. Of course, I sent her a link to your blog and HoneyBee, my fav mini horse, right away. I think she feels the same now about HoneyBee:)
Blessings to you + yours!

Thank you! Hubby is almost done with putting the sheetrock up in the old bedroom now. Hope your foot is healing fine---I thought of you when I read about some early openings for skiing on Mt. Hood:) Glad you survived the lovely winter-in-autumn weather. You've done all you could about the situation Linda. I hope, that even if they don't ever contact you back, they'll do something.
Blessings to you and your hubby,

I am really looking forward to it! He is a great cook:) Thanks! I LOVE our autumn/winter blooming camellias! Sadly yes, but we can--as you say--look forward to the future and our hope that is in Christ...and be a light on the hill while we are here.
Blessings to you!

Thanks! LOL. I usually rely on our dryer too, but occasionally it's nice to experiment in case I need a backup:) I was really surprised to learn that, for most of the world, the use of dryers are rare--even in places like Norway and the UK most hang clothes to dry them.
I am SO glad you enjoyed some kiwis this year! I didn't make it to the kiwi farm this year so missed out on the baby kiwi that I love--but we'll have plenty of the fuzzy kiwi to keep us happy!
I will honestly be SO happy when this house is finished...I don't deal with it as well as I used to. Ah! Colorado aspen-that's where I learned what aspen were and fell in love with both the Rockies and aspen:)
Yikes! Stay safe and warm Gracie!
Blessings to your family!

Thanks! Our garden is such a mess right now, but the camellias are gorgeous! I know you would love them and really, they aren't a problem to grow and the blossoms are heavenly. Of course, your climate is a bit harsher than ours--but a good nursery would know if they'd work for you. I am wanting a white one--if I can find a place for it that is:)
Stay safe, stay warm! Your early winter snow was fun to see!
Blessings to all who live under your rood!

Thank you! LOL--yep, our table is definitely a "catch all"!!! I am happy you enjoyed the post:) Have a blessed weekend also!
Blessings to you and your hubby (and welcome home)!

For sure! I am striving to do better in blessing others, but sadly it hasn''t always been that way. Aren't those camellias great? I hope the upcoming weather doesn't kill them all...
LOL. Now I know whose shoulder I need to cry on when the remodeling gets to me:):):) Our kitchen, thankfully, is done. And, for the moment at least, the remodeling is being done behind closed doors -- it is looking good though and I can (sort of, kind of) see an end to it:)
Brrr! I know. I am very thankful for heat right now! I think I understand why birds go south for the winter.
Blessings to you and your hubby!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Thank you for the well wishes for our baby! I just love the pictures in this post. Your photography is stunning! Sounds like you've been busy lately. I gave up with hanging the wash on the line for this winter. It was just not gonna happen in -2 degrees weather ;) Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Sam said...

Hi Aimee, you're pretty good with a camera. We loved the shots. We've had rain up here and many, many cloudy days with more rain. We hope that everyone in your family is well. Happy Thanksgiving neighbor.

aimee said...

Thank you so very much! I actually read that some people in really cold climates freeze dry their clothing by hanging it outside during cold, dry weather! I would LOVE to try that--except for the whole freezing my hands off part:)
Have a very blessed Thanksgiving!

Ah, thanks Sam! I am glad you enjoyed my photos:)
Rain and clouds here too--with some sun off and on. We're all doing well here. Thanks for the Happy Thanksgiving wishes!

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