14 April 2014

In Sight of Beautiful Mt. Hood: Pt I

Much has happened since I left you all at the lake...

We've had more fun time with the Small One...in which I almost wanted to--for a moment or two that is--move into a town. But then the feeling passed--or did it?

We 'celebrated' the official beginning of the Snake Season here...4 sightings, the latest today, in less than a week. Did you hear me scream???? Frog season is also going strong--one of them made me scream too.

We--well I, came to the conclusion (after some prayer) that a lack of organization on my part was the reason I never, ever have time to be creative -- at home that is. Since that realization, and a visit by some a lot of ants, I've set upon a new course and am working hard to get this home organized--starting with our kitchen. It is amazing that a few simple changes can make life SO much easier, be fun to do and save one money  (some thing I also came to a realization about these past few weeks).

But this post isn't about organization. Nor is it about being creative, although I did make my FIRST crochet stitch (sadly without taking one photo) this weekend. Yep, I really did -- and I think it was even a totally official and authentic stitch. LOL

As with all people, life has been a series of ups and downs; challenges and goals met; obstacles, realizations; rainy days and sunshine:)

And now on to the point of this post--our latest road trip.

Beautiful Mt. Hood in all her radiant spring glory.
Whenever I see her I think of my pioneer forefathers who settled not too far from here.
This, of course, is taken at Jonsrud Bluff in Sandy, Oregon.
If you ever go there you HAVE to take a look through the telescope there:)

Along the Clackamas River near Estacada.

Pretty flowers---yes, I still LOVE pink!

Along a creek that flows into the Clackamas River
(I think this is Dog Creek)

Another reason I LOVE this time of the year:)

Fishy, fishy in the brook-
or in this case at the Fish Hatchery.
LOTS and lots of fish--
Mmm. I think we'll have salmon tomorrow night.
If you eat salmon, how do you cook it?
Wishing you blessings this Holy Week.


Teresa Kasner said...

Great shot of the 'hood, Aimee! For cooking salmon, lay it on foil, spread sour cream in the cavity, salt and pepper and lay sliced lemons across it - seal up the foil and bake it until done! Enjoy..
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

Thank you! Mt Hood is SO beautiful right now...
Thanks for the salmon recipe--sounds a bit like a Nordic way of cooking fish (which means I will LOVE it)!

Linda W. said...

Yep, the 'Hood is looking good with her white coat of snow. And I'm happy to see rhodies blooming. One of my fave flowers. Happy Easter to you!

Betsy said...

I always enjoy pictures of 'Mt. hood. Gracie to me to the Jonsrud lookout one time and it is so beautiful there. Your post sounds like you're being pulled in many different directions right now. I'll pray for a peaceful spirit for you.
Blessings always,

Lorrie said...

Gorgeous photos of spring in full bloom. I was so glad you didn't post any snake pictures or I'd have left in a real hurry. Ugh.
I'd much rather look at pretty flowers and the snowy peak of Mt. Hood.

Willow said...

Aimee how truly beautiful !!!
The header is gorgeous .
The Gypsy horse would love meeting you as well , she adores attention and people and follows us around like a puppy.
The foiled fish is my way too :))

aimee said...

It's my fav look for her -- I am hoping the snowy mantle lasts for awhile:) Wishing you a happy and most blessed Easter also!

Me too--I am always happy when Linda, Teresa, Gracie and you post photos of my favorite mountain:)
Thank you for your prayers...they are much appreciated!

Thank you--so happy you enjoyed my photos! LOL--long ago I declared this blog a NO snake zone and so it shall ALWAYS be:)
I bet it's beautiful up your way right now!
Blessings, Aimee

Thanks very much--the area around Mt. Hood is truly gorgeous! Glad you like the new header...it's my current screensaver:) I was SO tired of the lake (even though I do love it there)>
Ahhh--Gypsy is definitely MY type of horse and I would give her LOTS of attention and love!
I picked up my salmon, lemon and sour cream today:):)Mmm--wild caught Coho salmon--yum!

Emma Pearce said...

No! How could you not take a pic of your crochet achievement? I am sure it was a proper stitch and before you know it there will be many, many more.
I would be screaming to. I like snakes but a whole season? No thanks.
We too have an ant issue, the problem is though I love them, they are so fascinating and hardworking I can't hurt them...flying ants on the other hand are a different story!
Have fun organising xxx

aimee said...

I know, I know. I am SO disappointed that I didn't take a photo of my first stitch...I mean I take photos of everything:)
I wish I could like snakes (or at least peacefully co-exist with them). We have snakes here from approx. March/April to Sept/Oct, but normally I only see a handful during that time. Fortunately all the ones we have are not poisonous. Given the choice between snakes or ants, I would choose to have ants:)
Blessings, Aimee

Noelle the dreamer said...

Beautiful shots, thanks for sharing and Happy Easter!

aimee said...

Thank you so very much! Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Easter also!
Blessings, Aimee

Gracie Saylor said...

I never tire of seeing our beautiful Mt. Hood! So glad you had a wonderful road trip! I like salmon baked with capers on top. Blessings, Aimee. xx

aimee said...

She is one beautiful mountain! I ALWAYS enjoy seeing her too:)
Salmon and capers sounds yummy! I will have to try that.
Blessings, Aimee

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