21 October 2013

Of Seagulls

Just like my mom before me,
I've always LOVED seagulls.
Yesterday we were treated to a very special visit from two of them while waiting for our
oldest granddaughter to join us...
it was not our only wildlife encounter that day.
Yes, he (or she) was really this close!
Ah! So cute. Mr. Seagull has an itch:)

He entertained us for many, many minutes....

and then, finally, went on his way.
Whereupon we had another visitor...

The coast,
even on a foggy day,
 can be a very exciting place!
central Oregon coast,
October 2013.


Teresa Kasner said...

I love seagulls too. We are heading to the beach soon, too!
Hugs, Teresa

Linda W. said...

Great photos! Looks like you ran into a seagull "supermodel." LOL

Betsy said...

I, too, love seagulls. I took some close up shots of one when we were staying at D'sands in Lincoln City one year. They are now hung in a triple frame in our bathroom. Every time I look at them I go back to the Oregon coast in my mind and can almost smell the sea air.

Willow said...

I just love seagulls they are resourceful and crafty fellows.
Funny story (well for the seagull anyway) ~ you did ask right ??
We were once on the New Jersey boardwalk and a little girl was walking in front of us with one of those fried dough thingies a seagull came by and took the whole big piece out of her hand in one swift swoop. .Of course the little girl was upset , she started to say "Mom my bread" and her mom thought she dropped it and was looking back at us...we promptly let her know it had been a seagull and he was silent quick , precise and swift . Must be a lot of well fed seagulls on that board walk !

Sam said...

Sometimes very large flocks of seagulls will land in our neighborhood park and eat stuff. Problem is they poop, a lot. So we'll get put into the tub to get our feets washed.

aimee said...

@Teresa~It has been so nice there lately (even with the fog yesterday). I hope you have a GREAT time and see lots of seagulls!

@Linda~Thanks! LOL--love your comment! He or she really was posing for us:)

@Betsy~We were right next to there--at the D Wayside! I bet your photos are amazing! Seagulls are SO much fun to take photos of:)

GREAT story! They definitely know a good thing and can be very agressive (I liked your decription -- "resourceful and crafty")! BTW, now you have me hungry for a "fried donut thingie"...I promise not to steal any from a little girl though:)

You are SO right about their pooping a lot! Now you have me wondering if my car has 'droppings' on it now...
Do you talk to the seagulls who visit your park Sam?
PS: EW! Seagull poop on paws would not be a good thing:)

Grayseasailor said...

Me, too! Me, too! I like watching seagulls, and your photos are perfect, Aimee...such characters :) I don't have any good stories about them, but have enjoyed viewing this post and the comments.
Gracie xx

Becky L. said...

I like seagulls as well, even though they are numerous on the beach, there are different ones to photograph. They are our birds, they probably have different ones elsewhere. I liked your post. Thanks for commenting on my post. Fog was going away as I was almost to work this a.m. Nice day as well! Take care!

aimee said...

Thank you! You are so right about them being characters! I would have loved to know what the first seagull was thinking about us :)

You are correct--I read some articles on wikipedia, when I was writing this post, and found out there are many different kinds of gulls. I really liked this one (so pretty): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivory_Gull. Have a great and very blessed day!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Me too! Darling pictures.

aimee said...

Yippee! Another seagull lover:) Glad you enjoyed Mr. (or Mrs.) Seagull + Company.

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