14 July 2013

Of Alpacas, Lavender, Provence + Tea

Today a friend and I headed to the hills of Helvetia to visit another lavender farm...
this was my second visit there; my friend's first.

And I'll tell you all about it on Monday:)
Until then...
One last day of the Oregon Lavender Festival 
but not the last day to get yourself some lovely lavender:)

More photos to come -- above photo taken at Helvetia Lavender Farm



Linda W. said...

What a pretty hat. Have fun at the lavender farm! Helvetia is not too far from my home (I live in Beaverton, or as I like to call it "the 'Beav")

aimee said...

Hi, Linda
Happy Monday to you:) I LOVE that hat...I waited patiently till the wearer put it back on the hat pile and then moved in quickly to get the photo before the next person grabbed it!
I know Beaverton! One of our family friends used to live there. You are in a nice, central location for all your adventures:)

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