04 June 2013

How I Spent My Monday (AKA Can Everyday Be Like This One?)

LOL-this post reminds me of some back-to-school English assignments...
but with a LOT fewer words:)
Lunch with Papa -
what could be better than that?

Time on the mountainside and down by the river too.
Trips with my grandkids ALWAYS include time in God's creation--always!

We took photos of plants, flowers and trees...
lots of them.
Even my granddaughter took some -
with a little help.
Our day also included time at the lake
and time with the ducks and birds that seem to always be there.
This time we were thrilled to see a whole duck family
(maybe I will introduce them to you later).
We also learned a bit about PNW history--
always interesting!

Did I say we exercised a bit LOT?
Here is my granddaughter exercising...
(not seen is her mom and I exercising).
I think my grandbaby is going to be part of my healthier lifestyle
(she and Teresa have inspired me).
BTW, this is the kind of swing set I grew up with...
the BIG, metal kind that I absolutely love!
Now, if I could just find one of the metal merry-go-rounds that I remember..
Have I said lately what an idyllic childhood I had?
Sometimes we just don't see how blessed we really are till that time has become a memory only. 

OK, one cannot keep cuteness all to themselves...
it just isn't right:)
And with this last photo I bid you adieu for today,
because I have a whole LOT of things to do before my next workout day:)
How did you spend your weekend and yesterday?
Photos taken -- for the most part -- in the upper Nehalem Valley of Oregon;
© 2013 A. Blessings


by Teresa said...

How neat to find that I inspired you! I love all your fun photos of the outdoors and your adorable granddaughter. Now I want to swing!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Linda W. said...

Your granddaughter is adorable! So glad you got to spend some time her.

aimee said...

Yep you definitely have--I haven't even devoured my hubby's M + M's tonight! BTW, thank you for the inspiration!
I think she's pretty cute too--a lot of fun to be around. And yep--next time, I am taking a ride on that swing set:)

Thank you! We think so too and are looking forward to spending more time with her:)

Betsy said...

What a sweet post. We're going to see our two oldest grand-blessings this weekend in Montana and I just can't wait. We have one if those metal merry go rounds here at the lake. In fact, the maintenance guys were repaintng it this morning those bright happy colors. I'll try to remember to take a picture for you- then you can come here and take a spin!!!!

aimee said...

Thank you Betsy! We had a lot of fun:)I really appreciate you taking time to take a photo for me- I LOVE old playground equipment!
Have a safe trip to Montana (beautiful state) and an awesome time with your grand-blessings!
Blessings always,

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