08 January 2013

Fruitcake French Toast + Memory Lane

On Sunday it hit me...
a sudden desire to cook Fruitcake French Toast.
I had never heard of it before,
but it sounded yummy and very seasonal...
A quick search led me to an answer--
yes there was such a thing--
and recipes
(such a wonderful source of knowledge the Internet is--
not all of it believable though).
So Monday morn
I made some,
and the verdict is....
 well the verdict is it is very rich and tasty---very rich being the keyword here.

By the way, does anyone remember the pretty
Churchill Blue Willow,
made in England,
dinnerware you used to be able to get at a certain store
if you spent so much on groceries?
I have a weakness for nice dinnerware...
but not enough storage space to feed this weakness too much:)

And does anyone remember when bread was 19 cents or so,
gasoline was 29 cents/gallon  (or was it 24?)
and a large can of peaches was about the same.

And as long as we're traveling down memory lane...
does anyone else remember when a computer filled a whole room...
and when there were party lines, dial phones
and the one and only family TV was a black and white one?

 Ah---those were the days and yet,
could I really live without Facebook,
a smartphone,
my laptop
digital, satellite TV?

YEP:) I could, but these modern conveniences sure do make life easier.

Do you have any childhood memories you treasure?

There are several recipes for the Fruitcake French Toast online.
Be forewarned it is very good (if you like fruitcake),
very, very rich (I served it with some salty meat to offset the sweetness).
The preserves I used on top were cloudberry preserves
(available in Scandinavian shops or very likely your fav IKEA store).
And one more note...
the lighting in my kitchen leaves much to be desired hence the faded look to the plate which is actually quite vibrant and pretty (as was the food). 

Note 2:
Always proofread your posts Aimee...

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