28 March 2012

Oregon's Foothills: pt 2

Outside the wind is blowing and the clearing we had earlier this morning is disappearing. In other words...it will be a great day for more spring cleaning:) But before I can continue with the dreaded pantry job, I need to keep a promise...
This photo was taken in a small valley in the coastal foothills.
I had seen it before, from a road up above it and decided it was time to see it close up.
As you can see, Oregon just keeps getting snow.
After spending a bit of time here we headed to our next destination...
the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.
On our outing we saw a lot of moss---green, green moss. 
I LOVE moss and lichens.
I LOVE green. 
And I LOVE sunny, warm days like this turned out to be.  
This lake (man-made) is fed by a river which originates in the mountains.
The color of the water was absolutely incredible and reminded me, a little, of Lake Louise
in Canada. Ah---that statement makes me yearn to go back for a visit up north.
I LOVE Canada---its 'high teas', mountains, inland valleys, rivers, grand hotels and gardens.
We also visited a fish hatchery not too far from the lake.
I would tell you how many photos I took there,
to make sure I got a shot of fish jumping up into these pipes,
but it would be embarrassing--very embarrassing:)
(On another note here--I am really liking some of the new improvements in blogger)
Besides the coastal foothill valley, the lake, the river, the fish hatchery, the forests we passed through...
we also stopped by Jonsrud Viewpoint in Sandy. On a positive note, there were no clouds obstructing our view--as there was earlier when we came this way; on a not so positive note, the sky hadn't completely cleared yet so the contrast wasn't spectacular. Oh well---we will just have to make a trip back there soon.
And last, but not least, I shall leave you with a mural from one of the small foothill communities we stopped to eat lunch at. I am a HUGE fan of public art, and besides being crazy about sculptures, I absolutely LOVE murals--especially the ones you find that represent the history of that area.
This town's history was tied to logging, as a lot of the towns in the PNW was
and the railroad played a part in its past too.
Hope you enjoyed today's little tour...


by Teresa said...

I loved seeing all the things you showed.. would love to know the whereabouts of some of them. The mountain shot is great.. cold! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

aimee said...

I'm glad you enjoyed them:) I have no problems sharing any of the locations with you, just let me know which ones you want to know about by e-mailing me or leaving a comment here:)
Thanks for your kind comments.
Blessings, Aimee

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