28 December 2011

Scenes of the Season

Advent has ended,

the season of waiting is over

and yet the celebration of Christmas has not ended.

Christmas carols continue here in the 12 Days of Christmas--

traditional melodies mixing with contemporary ones.

Simple decorations continue to be added;

memories of times gone by--

they bring a smile to my face.

New memories being made-

time with family,

awesome weather,

wreaths and garland,

special gifts


the smorgasbord that was missing the most important, quite essential food--


forgotten or lost somewhere in my rush to get everything else :)

The memory of a scrumptious, tender roast beef on Christmas Day


of course

sweets for the Farmer Boy

and I.

New this year--pizzelle (bought not made),

which reminded me, in ways, of krumkake.

Similar crisp texture,

also with a beautiful design,

equally fabulous taste.

The season has brought some journeys too-

this one up in the hills was on a beautiful foggy day

And lastly this season has been one of light,

and for that I am grateful.


How has your Christmas been?




Momzoo said...

Merry Christmas, and wishing you and your family a Happy New Year!

aimee said...

Thank you so much Aimee-the same to you and yours:)

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