17 November 2011

Of Lingonberries

I wish this growing season had been kinder to our lingonberries.

I left them on the plants for as long as I dared...

but finally decided to harvest them before they fell off, rotted, were eaten

or we got a really hard freeze...

I LOVE lingonberries and couldn't bear to not try and save those I could.

Most of the itty bitty berries came off this bush--

it takes awhile to pick them as they are so small.

A few had already gone soft and bad,

some were still not fully ripe,

but still there are quite a few that are ripe.

Yield: about 1 cup of berries

Plan: perhaps a lingonberry whip or small pie.

Hope: that the 2012 harvest will be a better one-

for us

and more importantly,

for the PNW lingonberry farmers.

How's your Thanksgiving preparations going?

One week to go!



Note: Balsgard lingonberries.

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