15 August 2011

A Visit to Scandinavia (Sort of)

Our day at the Scandinavian festival started beautifully

and very deliciously

with aebleskivers and Norse jam

(Note: it was worth the wait in line)! :)

It also began with flowers--

lots of cheerful, sunny flowers!

It included a lot of toe tapping folk dancing from all the Scandinavian countries.

My DH and I always enjoy the folk dancing;

I also love the embroidery and gorgeous hair styles!

A lot of people--adults and kids dance.

There are a lot of booths there too--

with rosemaling, wood working, Swedish weaving, wheat weaving and more crafts!

And, of course, what would any festival be without food?

This year I was very good and didn't buy anything but food

(although the crafts were so beautiful I was sorely tempted)!

Oh yes, I have told you about the beautiful hairstyles--

I love, love, love braided hair!

Wonder if my DH would be willing to help me do this with my hair?

And after the aebleskivers, sausage, dancing, admiring of all the beautiful costumes,

flower watching, photo taking, heavenly Celtic harp playing, lovely folk music

and more, it was time to leave...

but that couldn't happen without fulfilling my traditional eating of two lefse.

Two lefse with melted butter and cinnamon sugar.



How was your weekend?




Cathy at Wives with Knives said...

I love everything about festivals like this: music, food, crafts, dancing, its all wonderful. Our Oktoberfest is next month and I can't wait!

aimee said...

Me too! I have been to an Oktoberfest before too and liked it very much! Yum, more good food!!
Blessings, Aimee

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