02 August 2011

A Photographer's Dream

It was a perfect day and THE perfect hour for photography!


The PNW sky was THE perfect combination of clouds and blue.

The lighting was perfection-

the mixture of shadow and light outstanding!

The colors, the tones...


The subject matter was interesting also-

livestock, historical places, blue rivers, green trees, small towns, a white snow capped mountain--golden hillsides, green corn fields--

truly it WAS

a photographer's dream

(even for a very amateur photographer like me)!


I took off the camera cap,

pressed the shutter...


and dreamed of the beautiful image that would soon be mine to share with others,

with the world really.


And then...

NOTHING happened.


absolutely nada!

No reassuring shutter click, no image--


nothing but utter blackness that is.


Was my barely 1 year old camera broken?

What could possibly be wrong?


then it dawned on me...

I had recharged my camera battery


forgot to put it back in the camera.




Do you have a camera 'blues' story to tell?

Blessings, Aimee

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