17 April 2011

Palm Sunday 2011

He knew the praises of the people would be short lived;

that within a few days He would be condemned to death.

He knew that even His closest friends would desert Him because of the fear of others-

the fear of man.

He knew how much He would have to suffer

the innocent Son of God,

the Passover Lamb,

the Good Shepherd,

and yet He still headed towards Jerusalem,

according to God's will as written in the Old Testament.

He knew but,

He headed there anyway because of obedience

and because of God's love for us-

rebellious, sinful us.

Today, as I was listening to the Stations of the Cross,

I thought of just how much God loves me


just how much He loves


He didn't just say it;

He proved it.

Blessings, Aimee


Above clipart from the following website: http://thebiblerevival.com/clipart.htm and is being used according to the 'terms of use' permissions found there. This specific art is from their collection: Public DomainClipart Collection #42 Bible Cards 1910. Per the above website: "Clipart have all come from sources published in the United States before 1923. They are therefore in the public domain in the United States, but they may be copyrighted in countries outside the United States. " Please see the above website for further information, to view their collections of music, clipart, etc. and to comply with the terms of use for using the clipart collections they have there should you be interested.


Mikaela said...

This is an amazing thing to reflect on. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you also for the link on the sidebar to One Bright Corner. I'm honored!

aimee said...

Thank you for leaving such a kind comment Mikaela! And you are SO welcome about the link--I LOVE your and your sister's blog! Visit there all the time:)

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