04 April 2011

Of PNW Olive Oil

Today was such an incredibly warm and sunny spring day in the PNW that it brought back good memories of all of the PNW farms I have visited in the last few years! Yes, as I sat on the back deck soaking in the sun and drinking a nice herbal ice tea, I couldn't help but think of how the NW is at its loveliest under blue skies and how fortunate we were to have a real spring after last's year wet, cold, gloom.

And then I woke up...

realized I was freezing; that it was a yucky gray outside, and pouring down rain, and that we were just experiencing a normal/abnormal spring day in the NW. However, and I am holding onto this little bit of hope, as I sit here with a blanket tucked around me, we have had and will have REAL spring days again...this year...maybe:(

Well at least we WILL have summer this year--

after July 4th, of course (it is a PNW joke)--

but actually our summers are really nice once they arrive:)

Alas summer has not arrived yet

and spring is playing games with us so what's a sun starved, cold PNW girl to do?

Make a summer post -- of course! And I just happen to have one:) I particularly dedicate it to all of my fellow winter in spring sufferers--have faith guys! ==

Nothing spells summer like farms...so this post will be at one of course...

do you recall me saying how very excited I was when I found out that one could grow kiwi in the PNW---and then years after we planted some I got to visit a REAL kiwi farm???

Well can you imagine my surprise when I learned that one can also grow OLIVES in the PNW? And that there was actually a nursery that was doing it AND pressing their own olive oil? It's true and I have some of their oil in my pantry to prove it:)

All the photos you've seen in this post were taken at that nursery and it really is a most amazing place! It is located in the hills SW of Portland, overlooking the Willamette Valley in one direction and the rolling hills and vineyards of that area in the other. It is beautiful in the summer and the colors in the autumn are gorgeous (I was fortunate to be able to visit there several times)! They sell and their gardens are filled with herbs, flowers, lavender (yes, I know that is an herb--but I LOVE that herb so think it is worthy of a seperate mention) and olives! Their gardener is awesome and has a flair for great design BTW and you can picnic there overlooking those beautiful hills and gardens (they have some cheese and other food for sale there). They also have a gift shop selling dried lavender and a lot more--oh and they sell plants of course:)

The website for Red Ridge Nursery is here;

I hope to get back there at least one or two times myself this year!

Blessings, Aimee


Usual disclaimer: I am in no way associated with this business nor are they with this blog or me, but as usual I love to post places where I have had a memorable time and think that others would too! I sincerely thank the wonderful owner of Red Ridge who happened to be there when we visited the nursery and kindly gave me permission to share some photos with you all!


Anonymous said...

I love the post and pictures. Praying for you and my little brother. God bless, L.

aimee said...

Thank you L.--needed that bit of encouragement today more than you could ever know!
God bless,

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