24 February 2011

Before and After

Not long ago a certain woman walked around her garden
looking for signs of spring, and she found a lot of them: beautiful white pieris blossom clusters, cheerful yellow tete-a-tete daffodils, buds swelling on plum trees and other plants....
oh and flowers on the rosemary and one of the azaleas (I kid you not)--
yea I could not believe it either!
And all of this spring in winter stuff made her very, very happy
and she was grateful for them but...
deep, deep down she harbored a not-so-secret desire for the blessing of
beautiful and delicate frozen ice crystals-
and so did a lot of other PNW'ers.
And then one day,
well past the 'normal' time for such blessings...
the heavens opened,
and instead of the usual rain,
they brought the gift of snow to the PNW and to Aimee's garden.

And Aimee smiled as she strolled around her yard
dressed in her flannel PJ bottoms, a sweatshirt and her favorite boots.
And she kept saying 'ooh' and 'ah'
as the silent song of the snowflakes filled her heart
with happiness and gratitude for this wondrous gift from above!
and the song continued as she found gift after gift
A beautiful white blanket to hide the very ugly,
but very wonderful,
landscape fabric that keeps my plants very happy all year long!
a kiss from heaven in the form of a sunshiny tete-a-tete bloom
and now...
lemony goodness and an upside down snow cone:).
And throughout the gardens
the magic of the snow's song continued
making what was beautiful before
into something even more wonderful!
And the magical melody still continues,
though darkness has long since fallen,
for we still have snow outside!
From the winter wonderland of the PNW,
I bid you peace on earth and blessings from heaven,


Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

What a bunch of beautiful gifts spring has sent you!

I love all of your pictures!

aimee said...

Hey Joni!
Great to hear from you! TY so much for your kind comments--I do feel very blessed right now!!
Hope that spring will soon be heading your way (although I have LOVED your winter photos--esp. the barns (a love of mine too) and your white laundry against the snow)!
Have a blessed day,

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