31 January 2011

Life With A Skunk (My Growing List of Skunk 'Facts')

Sometimes skunks find their way under people's houses and other places. When they do you will find they are very rude guests and no matter how long they stay, it will be too long.
When they do find their way under your house, you are in for nights of listening to the skunk shuffle which will drive all your little, super cute, white fluffy puppies crazy (and you too). You will start to worry over important things like wiring, insulation and other stuff you know are down there. You will find yourself wondering just how BIG this thing is that lives down there; you will find yourself wondering if there is anyway possible he can eat or claw through the flooring between you -- and his new home. You will think about the possible disgusting diseases it may have. You will wish he had--at the least-
picked a better place than under your kitchen to bed down in.
Skunks under the house will make your home smell rather strongly at times. In fact, if they are only moderately annoyed it will smell like something is too hot or on fire--you may even find yourself checking on things. I know, I did. If they are greatly annoyed, the results will be -- something you will never forget and you won't be checking on anything because you will know, for sure, where the odor originated from.
Speaking for 'our' skunk...he
(yes, it was a he; males are larger than females I am told by an expert)
preferred junk food to nutritious food like apples.
His favorite food?
Marshmallows-the cheapest, most disgusting ones available.
A humane "box" trap is one of the greatest inventions ever--but it doesn't discriminate and is capable of catching anything or nothing at all--for days and weeks even.
Taking a photo of said trapped skunk, without perfuming everything, including yourself, requires great stealth but can be done--not that I am recommending you try it. A blind (or something that works like a blind) serves well--most, but not all, of the time. Needless to say I didn't use my best camera--I had no idea how I would clean it if THAT happened
(besides no camera shop is going to want to work on something that smells that bad)
If the skunk lifts its tail---you will know it is not happy at all.
Never be downwind of (or anywhere near) a skunk that is not happy at all.
You'll know if you are ever downwind of a skunk that is not happy at all;
you won't have to ask.
You will find yourself very thankful if this happens outdoors because gradually THAT smell will dissipate--gradually being the key word here.
On the other hand,
this odor may serve to deter unwanted solicitors from visiting.
Seeing the skunk in person 'creeped' me out BIG TIME-
maybe it was because I knew what he had the power to do to me?
There are some people that you just want to hug,
even if you have never met them before.
Being skunk-less is a happy state of being and that is a FACT.
Thank God for my new skunk-less state:)
as you have probably guessed, Aimee is no wildlife expert,
so please check with one if you do have a skunk problem.

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