09 December 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Dearest Farmer Boy,

Wish me well. Tomorrow I will enter THE storage zone, AKA our youngest son's old room, in a brave effort to organize and clean it up a little--again.

Some of my prior visits there have been most traumatic--but as you know I was able to recover enough to clean and organize THE room a lot; before I stuffed it full of tools, mattresses, a treadmill, Christmas and other decorations, craft stuff, extra chairs, blankets, books, kitchen stuff, boxes, rubbermaid type containers, drywall stuff, laminate flooring, a bonzai and a dogwood (silk type) tree and more in time for our wonderful DD's visit (it's called remodeling with challenges).

Let me just say there are a whole lot of obstacles between me and my real goal--the one which sets me on this brave venture tomorrow--and that is finding those cute reindeer bowls that just have to be buried in there with the woodland wreath and garlands, nativity scene, sleigh, St Nicholas - and the Swedish angel chime. I know they have to be there--somewhere--behind those enticing white cabinet doors or in the closet. I know because I've looked pretty well everywhere else for them with no luck at all; besides I remember putting them in there before I turned THE room into a storage unit.

You see, Farmer Boy, I have promised myself, faithfully, not to buy any more Christmas decorations until I can see what I can find, adapt or borrow first for the simple PNW-woodsy Nordic look I am after this year in the living areas. Yes, that means no more of my usual Christmas time weaknesses you are well aware of: the reindeer and moose decorations, evergreen Christmas picks, Christmas stockings (unless I or you can wear them), cookie cutters, Juletomte or Julenisse until I have thoroughly searched the premises...none--zippo--zilch! You are now my witness!

If I should not return, if there is no hot dinner in the oven, if the dogs are going crazy--well you'll know where to find me when you get home. I will have my cell phone on me should the firemen be required. Love you :)

Your brave, courageous and very determined loving wife--Aimee

PS: Dear, you do understand the above promise doesn't include that lovely birch covered candle set I want, right? Oh and those gummi dala horses--I will need more this weekend (for strength you know).

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