13 November 2010

Of Ancient Rocks, Coastal Mountains & River Valleys: Part 1



does NOT look like this!


In fact, it's rainy and COLD-

cold enough to turn the heat on for the first time this autumn.


wet and cold enough that I decided any travels today

would consist of browsing through

this autumn's trip photos from the warmth of our home!
(In the PNW you learn to be very flexible with your travel plans--

besides a wet camera and a cold, wet Aimee sounded horrible to me).


I am pretending it is warm and sunny in the PNW

and I'm on the road again.

Want to come with me?


Part I: Of Ancient Rocks.

Have you ever passed a sign that captured your interest?

That spoke of times long ago?

Of times when the world was really, really cold they say?

Well I had--

in fact, I had passed the sign to the Glacial Rock several times before while in that area..finally I decided it was time to wonder no more what laid beyond that sign;

It was time to stop and explore!

The trailhead isn't as far as I thought it would be from the main road that goes through the area...when you get there you'll park in a little pull out area across from the trail.

The sign says short trail...and actually it is; only 1/4 mile.

But it isn't a flat, level path-nope!

Well at first it is...

And then the path starts to climb, and after it makes a turn

it gets much steeper!

well at least--for out of shape me--it did!

(My friend thought my moans, groans and strange walking quite funny BTW-

but since she is a really great friend, it is OK. Besides it was funny!)

Finally when you are winded and your legs are telling you -

EXERCISE silly woman

you are there!

And this is what you see!
A 90 ton glacial or 'erratic' rock--moved here by floodwaters, they say,
that traveled at 60 mph and carried icebergs that had boulders like this encased in them!

As you can see it is pretty large--this is a photo of my friend next to it

(well at least part of my friend)

Oh yea--

there IS a reason we BOTH took off our shoes and made the trip down

in our stocking feet. It was a LOT easier to walk that way.

Here is a view from the rock itself of the valley with some farms below

and mountains beyond.

Hillside vineyards and trees.

More mountains and valley views.

And last but not least...

a very interesting tree---

I'm so glad we finally stopped here!

Blessings, Aimee


Photos: Oregon's Erratic Rock State Natural Site as photographed in autumn 2010.

Note: the road signs on the highway say Glacial Rock and are not very large. For more information you can google 'erratic rock' or Oregon State Park

(make sure it is the official site).


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Aimee...these phtoos are fabulous. I used to do walks like this all the time...Oh, that tree looks magical...like it could start talking at any moment ;) :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

aimee said...

TY Heather! I would love to do more walks like this one--short and definitely uphill with a gorgeous view at the top:)
I LOVE that tree too--it looks to me like an animal or maybe something from Narnia!
Blessings to you & your dad,

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