12 October 2010

Coastal Wanderings: The Conquering of a Viewpoint

Yea, five miners rescued from the mine now!
Can you imagine going from darkness to light?
From being trapped to freedom?
It seems miraculous!
Now back to the coast...

Near this area--Neskowin
there is a viewpoint.
Now viewpoints (at least in my mind) equal cliffs...
and at the coast,
usually high, sheer cliffs over water.
So the first time we passed here
I suggested rather urgently that we NOT stop!
I really did.
But the second time...
I decided it was time to try...

We approached the viewpoint''s exit really, really slowly.

And parked where the trailers and trucks do--
near this hedge and not in the area closest to--

this wall-
this nice, solid looking, rock wall
behind which you can see only sky.
stepped up on the sidewalk
and saw this



and more views of the ocean and hillsides
(but the light was horrific for pictures so I won't post anymore here).
Pretty scary, huh?
Yea, I agree--not at all!
in fact quite often,
fear of something
stops you from enjoying life as God meant it to be enjoyed!
as in this case,
fear is simply:

What fears has God helped you overcome?
Not sure who came up with the above acronym for FEAR but it really is a good one:)


aimee said...

Thanks for all the extra information--I had no idea that the lake had a name! It is a really pretty area!
We were going to go to the beach and mountains, the Gorge or tour the covered bridges this week but the stormy weather put an end to that wish! Oh well--the gardens look MUCH better!
It is cold here too--no snow yet but I keep hoping!

Anonymous said...

Grandma Becky said...
Love the view point photos. That's Camp Wi-Ne-Ma below and it's little lake. My children went there for church camp for years and we went to family camp sometimes. Lovely camp with their own beach front! Thanks for sharing! I was at the beach in late Oct. and it was beautiful at Lincoln City and then Boiler Bay. I was going to Depoe Bay but didn't make it as time ran out and had to go home! Hugs!
BTW, it's raining real hard and it's cold this evening where we are at

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