04 September 2010

Finally Did It!

I love mountains--I really, really do!
But there have been a couple places, in the NW mountains, that I have avoided because of past fearful incidents---
As of this weekend, there is one less of those places:)
So let's take a trip while I conquer THAT place!
The road up is an interesting one.
Lots and lots of trees.
And you know I love trees!
Lots of curves and...
views like this one.
Lots of clear views like this one...
as you climb higher and higher up the mountainside.

But after what seems like an eternity
(which is actually a lot less when the passenger
- yours truly -
is not asking the driver to travel 10 mph)
you reach the top
the peak
the summit
(and yes I did consider dropping to my knees and kissing the ground).
But no time for that because now comes the hike--
a short hike
on a seriously steep hillside...
(memo to self: NEVER wear sandals to hike.)
Of course, mountain goat Farmer Boy does not need to worry--
he is sure-footed in all kinds of footwear--
but even he said the hillside was steep:)

However, the short hike in slippery sandals was well worth it for this-
By this time I was giving thanks for the trees, I was leaning against-
first because I was still shaking from the drive up
and secondly..
they gave me something to hold onto while I was trying to get some photos of the beautiful vistas.

But I did keep thinking--in between the shaking--
wow am I glad we kept going!
(of course there were few places to turn around at)
But really, I was thankful...
because I love the views from mountains,
the moss laden trees,
plants that are hidden in the forests and
time with my DH--the mt goat.
Speaking of plants--there were many--some with red berries
(sorry but the camera--I mean I--was shaking too much on that photo),
this pretty little flower,
and these.
I really, really wish I had taken a better photo of these--
they were really pretty!
I have no idea what they were though.
My DH wasn't feeling well so he returned to the car-
and I walked a bit more-no longer shaking
in the mostly flat area of the lower part of the park.
There were only 2 other people there so I had the area mostly to myself.

Myself and the tall, tall trees.
And the views.
And the shadows.
And the tall, tall, tall trees.
And then it was over...well except for the drive DOWN!
BUT I did it
(and this time I won't wait some 30 odd years more to do it again)!
Have you conquered any old fears lately?
Found blessing in a special place?
Blessings from the mountainside,


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Wow...that is some steep terrain...but you are right, it's very beautiful. I'm guessing the last few photos where near your destination? It looks like anice flat area!!!! THanks for sharing these :) :) :) The NW is a beautiful place :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

aimee said...

TY, I think it is beautiful too Heather! Actually, the last few (4)photos were taken in the same area--on top the mountain-some looking in the other direction and some in the flat area there. I know you would love it as much as I love your beautiful mountains:)

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