14 August 2010

To Touch a Shipwreck & More

There aren't too many places where one can reach out and touch a shipwreck or even walk inside of it (depending on the tides)--but you can find such a place at Ft Stevens, on the beach south of the jetty.
I still have memories of seeing the Peter Iredale when I was young and our family visited here. Seems like there was a lot more to the wreck then--and perhaps there was as a lot of years have passed.
In this photo you can see what remains of the ship--from bow to stern;
fortunately, there was no loss of life.
A peaceful scene--looks like we have this piece of paradise all to ourselves;
little do you know that the beach was full of happy people, including our family:)
Ft Stevens is a very popular place to visit!
Coffenbury Lake--what you can't see is the fishermen, kids in canoes and people just enjoying the beautiful view!
After we left the park we encountered three deer--a mom (not shown) and two of her babies! I was on my cell phone at the time and yelled at my friend to hold on so I could photograph them (she, knowing that I love ALL Bambi-types, was happy to oblige)...it had been a perfect day thus far and seeing this little deer family was a great ending to that day!
Hope you enjoyed our trip to the NW coast of Oregon...
For more info on the Peter Iredale see this link to wikipedia
wildflowers, heron and good food!
logging history, bird-lover paradise and --- good food!


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

I love Oregon and the Oregon coast. I had no idea about that shipwreck and I check out your link to the article on Wikipedia...I just remeber about the New Charissa...but that was more of a disaster than anything else!! My father lived up near that area many years ago...but he'd never heard of it!!! Thanks for sharing these Aimee...oh, hey, another blogger friend of mine is thinking about visiting the Oregon coast. Do you have any tips on places to stay? Or things to do?...a good link for reference? Have a lovely weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

aimee said...

Hey Heather!
Happy Saturday to you!

Glad you enjoyed the photos from Ft Stevens! I have just about a zillion more on my hard drive right now from both the central coast and northern coast but these were a sampling. And they were just the beginning of our travels:) My daughter loves to travel as much as I do!

Your friend would love the Oregon coast--Washington's too for that matter:) Summer is a good time--weather wise, but also early fall can be beautiful and sometimes the coast can have the best weather of the PNW in winter! My friend and I once made a trip there in the middle of winter and it was short sleeved weather! Of course its also known for rain, fog, wind, storms--but then a lot of people like that!

Along the coast are rugged headlands (The Three Capes being one of them), sand dunes, trails, historical areas (Lewis & Clark), festivals/special events,museums, aquariums (Keiko lived at one for awhile),cranberry bogs, deep sea fishing, whale watching, cheese factories/farm,lighthouses,sandy beaches, coastal rivers--some are scenic river byways, salt water taffy and other shops, art galleries, lots of beautiful bays, forests, the coast range, NWRs and other nature areas, small towns, etc, etc. She should not get bored!

I will try to find some links---but you are welcome to have her check my link to 'coastal areas' in the meantime. It will help if I know which part of the coast she was thinking of--southern, central or northern too. There are beautiful places the entire coastline and some people just do highway 101 the whole way or a good part of the way.

Places to stay range from resorts to state parks (yurts/cabins available in some) to Bed & Breakfasts to motels/hotels. Oh and private rentals too. Depends on what amnenities, price, area, etc she is looking for.

A piece of advice--when I travel in WA & OR (especially in tourist areas in the summer season or during school vacation time) I almost always go during the week. Less traffic, better chance of getting reservations, quieter, etc. Of course sometimes there are closures on Monday so you need to take that into account. If she is planning to drive I would also check the ODOT(?) road work web site for construction projects--summer is the peak time for those.

Oregon has lots and lots of state parks and areas along the entire coast and the beaches are all publically owned there. In some she will need to buy a day pass which are fairly cheap; in others not.

OK--this is quite rambling and long so I will close. I will be doing posts on 2 of the restaurants we liked--soon. I hope.


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