26 July 2010

Doe--a Deer

Occasionally we are blessed with a deer visit.
Today was one of those days!

Unfortunately, the deer-a doe-was on land adjoining ours and quite a distance away from us.
Fortunately, my best friend who was over here helping me in the garden, saw her and pointed her out to me right away.
Unfortunately, her vision is quite a bit better then mine, and I obviously need a new prescription for contacts.
Actually it is a fortunate thing her vision is so good, since she is the one who drives us on all our field trips...
and finally, fortunately, I know a great optometrist:)

I also learned a new gardening skill today.
My friend taught me how to collect columbine seeds for later planting.
Unfortunately, it was really, really hot outside and I kept feeling a little funny.
Fortunately, I was close to our house and could go inside for cold water and A/C breaks in between collecting the seed!
There is no more unfortunately...fortunately:)

Feeling blessed and fortunate,

Photo: a deer sighting on our land--many years ago.


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Aimee...how cool is that...the doe-a-deer :) :) :) Glad you were able to look at one today :) :)

Ohh, I LOVE the header photo on your blog. It's really beautiful. Where was it taken? I'm glad you are "fortunate" now ;) :) :) Have a lovely rest of the week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

aimee said...

Well, I didn't see the deer, but my friend did & so I am counting it as a sighting for our place:)
TY for the compliment on the title photo--it is one of my favorites too because it brings back good memories! I took it last year at Lavender Valley--a lavender farm in the Hood River area of the Columbia River Gorge. The mountain is Mt Hood; but you can also see Mt Adams (WA state) from the farm if you look the other way!

PS: The post I did last year of their farm is at this url:

The url to their farm website is: http://www.lavendervalley.com/

I LOVE lavender farms!

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