20 June 2010

Father's Day 2010: Of My Father

What can I say to describe my father to you?
I could tell you of his childhood --
an only child
born to a couple who were older then most when they had him.
Raised in humble surroundings,
but taught to value the things most important in life-
things no amount of money can teach.
Things of eternal, not just temporal, importance.
Things like
love and commitment for your spouse
(my parents have been married for over 50 years now),
love for your children
(3 kids--1 in heaven)
and most importantly, a love for his Savior, Jesus Christ.
My dad was also taught and learned well other important things like
getting a good education (he obtained a PhD),
hard work (both in and out of the home),
service (in home, church and the community),
putting other people first
and more.
That's my dad.
And I know his parents would be proud of him-
because his children and others who know him are.
Happy Father's Day, Daddy!
Love always,

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