26 March 2010

The Spring Garden: Pretty in Pink

What a wonderful time to be alive!
So many blogs filled with posts about garden plans and blooming plants; so much hope and joy at the ending of winter and the beginning of new life in spring! And soon it will be Easter when we are reminded, again, of God's great and never-ending love for mankind!
Here in the PNW the mountains have snow on them, but the countryside and lowest part of the foothills are filled with the bloom of wild fruit trees. Today I got to take a short trip in the country and was thrilled to get to see (and hear) some Canadian geese! Very cool but makes me eager, again, to get a better camera (soon, soon) with a good zoom lens.
The photo above is that of our flowering cherry tree just beginning to bloom. I LOVE this tree; it was purchased from a dear man who was like a second daddy to me! He is with God now, but I remember him everytime it blooms! Miss him.

At home so many things are in bloom; it is fun to just sit out on the deck or under the apple tree and savor the beauty around me!
Here is a photo of the second of our bleeding heart plants. I am so in love with this plant that I am thinking one of the few plants I will buy this year is another variety of them.
One thing not blooming -yet-is our crabapple; but it is close to blooming and I try, each day, to check it out. I can hardly wait to see those blooms again!
Our camellia is still blooming (we have two--one that blooms in spring;
the other in autumn). It is a perfect pink and just covered with blossoms this year!
And this, I am told, is a seed pod. It is on our rhubarb plant. I don't remember seeing them last year---my best friend cut it out before I saw it. Anyway, I think it is kind of beautiful in its own way and wanted a photo of it before I took the clippers to it:)
And now time for me to get back to some research...

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